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California gas prices top $6 again after another overnight price spike

Gas prices jump again, now over $6 per gallon
Gas prices jump again, now over $6 per gallon 00:58

It's the sequel no one wanted to see – the return of $6 gas prices.

Gas prices are going up in Southern California on Sept. 26, 2022.
Los Angeles, CaliforniaSept. 26, 2022 Gas prices are going up in Southern California on Sept. 26, 2022. At at 76 Station in Torrance, CA, mid-grade gas is $6.79 per gallon on Sept. 26, 2022. (Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) Carolyn Cole

The average price of gas in California has again topped $6, with prices spiking nearly 15 cents in Los Angeles County to an average price of $6.11 for a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline. This price has been on the rise for 26 consecutive days, rising 83 cents in just one month.

Those prices have also breached the $6 mark in Orange and Ventura counties, averaging $6.10 and $6.04, respectively. In the Inland Empire, those prices are still a hair under $6, with an average price of $5.97 a gallon.

According to AAA and Oil Price Information Service, these are the largest increases seen in Southern California since July of 2015.

The sharp climbs are mostly due to planned and unplanned refinery maintenance in California, and AAA says West Coast fuel inventories are at their lowest level in about a decade. Gas prices are also going up across the country, hitting an average of $3.72 a gallon, but could Hurricane Ian churning its way toward Florida could also fuel further increases.

Climbing gas prices are likely behind an uptick in public transportation use. Metrolink says they've seen a recent uptick in ridership, with the average number of weekday boardings jumping 12% from June to this month.

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