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Avocado Prices Starting To Stabilize

CARPINTERIA ( — Affordable avocados could be on the horizon again.

California's crop size was way down the first half of 2017, leading to higher prices.

However, according a report in Bloomberg, there are signs of price stabilization in the avocado market.

Avocado prices have dropped more than six percent from a record high in July. Next year could see prices continue to decline as trees enter the higher-yielding half of a two-year cycle.

"Prices in the foreseeable future will stabilize a little, and you won't see a sharp incline," Robert Bonghi, director of procurement and pricing at the Produce Alliance, told Bloomberg. "Growers are trying to put more trees in the ground to keep up," but "you're not going to see 10 avocados for a dollar," he said.

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