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Calif. Bill Would Allow Transgender Students To Have Equal Access To School Programs, Facilities

VAN NUYS ( —A California bill would allow transgender students to have equal access to public school programs and facilities.

Assembly Bill 1266, sponsored by San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, would allow children and teens to play on any team sport based on their gender identity.

It would also give them access to bathrooms and locker rooms that match the sex they identify with.

Shear Avery from Los Angeles was born male, but thinks of himself as female.

"I just consider myself a female at heart," he told KCAL9's Andrea Fujii. "But I'm very happy with the body I was blessed to be born with."

Avery will be a high school sophomore in the fall and hopes to play on the girls' basketball team.

Avery, who was attacked in the boys' bathroom, also said using female facilities is a safety issue.

"It's very traumatizing and that's led to me really fearing using public restrooms," he said.

Some lawmakers, however, hope to stop the bill.

"There will be an outcry, and frankly, we've already been having our phones ringing off the hook and getting emails from constituents who are aware of it," said State Sen. Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar).

Parents are split on the issue.

"I wouldn't accept a male going into a female's locker room or bathroom," said Estela Acevedo.

The Los Angeles Unified School District already has a similar policy to AB 1266 in place. On Wednesday, a district representative testified in Sacramento and said it hasn't caused them problems.

If the bill passes, California would be the first state to guarantee students access to any school sport.

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