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Burned-out business creating problems for its Sherman Oaks neighbors

Sherman Oaks residents grow more concerned as City and owner feud over burned-out building
Sherman Oaks residents grow more concerned as City and owner feud over burned-out building 02:55

Sherman Oaks residents feel neglected after nothing has been done to address their ongoing safety concerns, as the owner of a burned-out business and the city continue to quarrel. 

"We will wake up at night and we'll hear people having their way," said neighbor Jared Barboza. "Nothing has happened. We feel completely let down by our community leaders, the system and most of all from this business owner. 

Last April, flames tore through the empty building on the 1500 block of Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks. The location was supposed to be the home of the latest Kreation Juice, a food company with 25 stores across Los Angeles. The founder of Kreation Juice Marjan Sarshar said the concerns and problems surrounding the location began to pile up before the fire even sparked. Since the beginning, the location has had constant problems with people breaking in. 

"It's been very devastating, heartbreaking," she said. "I wish I could take this matter into my own hands and deal with it on my time."

Sarshar said that someone squatting in her building started the fire that April night. She blames the city for delays in the permitting process to clean up the structure and address the homeless staying on her property. 

The City's Depart of Building and Safety shifted the blame to Sarshar claiming she has been cited for code violations and is preparing a criminal complaint to get her to act. 

"We are very concerned the structure will fall down and hurt someone," said one neighbor.

Sarshar said that she made multiple attempts to put up a fence and clean up the graffiti and said she should not be painted as a criminal. 

The issue will now be settled in court as neighbors are left waiting. There is no timeline on when the building will get fixed. 

"It's just sad," Barboza said.

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