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Burbank tightens water restrictions after usage jumps 22% in March, 17% in April

Water districts targeting wasteful residents as historic drought continues
Water districts targeting wasteful residents as historic drought continues 02:20

Burbank is tightening its water restrictions as the drought worsens, with a goal of cutting water usage by 15%.

Stage III of Burbank's sustainable water use ordinance goes into effect immediately. City officials say water reduction efforts started out strong, with the city achieving targets in December and January. But Burbank's water conservation efforts relapsed in a major way since then, with usage jumping to 22.1% in March and 17% in April. 

Water conservation improved slightly in May, but usage was still up 5.7%, according to Burbank Water and Power.

"Burbank cannot achieve our 15% water reduction target without the help of every resident and business in the community," Richard Wilson, Burbank Water and Power's assistant general manager of water, said in a statement. "If everyone does just a little to save water, we can achieve our 15% savings goal to help sustain California's water supply during this historic drought."

The new restrictions limit outdoor watering to Tuesdays and Saturdays between April and October. Attended hand watering can be done any day of the week before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m., a time limit which also applies to outdoor watering with irrigation for up to 15 minutes per irrigation station.

Drip and low-flow irrigation systems are exempt fro the 15-minute rule, but must still adhere to the two-day-per-week watering days. Use of recycled water is exempt from the Stage III watering restrictions.

In Stage III, Burbank's swimming pools, wading pools, and spas must also be covered when not in use. Burbank Water and Power is offering a $50 bill credit to residents for pool covers. The use of outdoor evaporative cooling devices like misters are also banned in Stage III.

For information about the pool cover credit or Burbank's other rebates and programs, visit

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