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Brentwood Private School's Expansion Plan Moves Forward Over Neighbors' Protests

BRENTWOOD ( — A three-year expansion plan for a Brentwood private school was approved by the Los Angeles City Council Tuesday, over the protests of residents who say the construction work will create a traffic nightmare.

A proposed construction project along Sunset Boulevard near the 405 that will expand the campus of the Archer School For Girls was unanimously approved Tuesday. The project will proceed in the spring of 2017.

The $100 million expansion plan would renovate the school's academic building gym and add a fine arts center and performance space over three years, according to the school's Elizabeth English.

Residents protested the plan because of the anticipated construction work along Sunset Boulevard.

"It can take an hour and a half to get from the canyon to the 405," neighbor Eric Edmunds said.

The busy thoroughfare is one most commuters avoid because of heavy traffic, but with 20,000 people living in 11 residential neighborhoods, avoiding Sunset is often impossible.

"They feel like prisoners in their own homes after 3 p.m.," Edmunds said of his neighbors.

School administrators say most of the construction will take place in the summer and they have already established a progressive carpool plan to help reduce traffic congestion.

As for the students who need to get to school, 76 percent come by car or bus, but the rest come by carpool and have a minimum of three students, Councilman Mike Bonin said.

Tuesday's vote may not be last word on the issue, however.

"We will try our best to work things out with Archer, but if need be, we will file a lawsuit," neighbor David Wright said.

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