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Caught On Camera: Suspected Car Thief, Leaving Little Trace, Prompts Key Fob Security Warning

BRENTWOOD (CBSLA) — A suspected thief was caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars in camera equipment from a car in Brentwood over the weekend, prompting the owner to warn others about the potential risks of popular key fobs.

Noel Kleinman says he locked the doors of his new Mini Cooper Saturday afternoon, went into his office and moments later the suspect showed up.

"I literally ran in here and ran back out and 10 minutes later you can see the crook was in and out of my car in less than a minute. I panicked. I ran inside and called the police," Kleinman said.

Klienman says apart from the footage, little trace was left of the break-in. The windows weren't broken and the doors weren't ajar.

A local real estate photographer, he also called his insurance company to file a report. He says his agent told him thieves are targeting newer cars' key fobs using a device to scan for the fob's information and then open locked doors.

"He mentioned he has a lot of these claims filed and mentioned there's pouches that you can put your key in that you can't get the code," Kleinman said.

A quick search on Amazon and you can find these Faraday pouches, which claim to block and protect the data available in key fobs.

Kleinman says he has one of the protective pouches in mind.

In the meantime, he's filed a report with the LAPD.

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