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Brave dog scares off coyotes, saves another pup in Mission Viejo

11-year-old Maltese mix jumps in to save his brother from coyotes
11-year-old Maltese mix jumps in to save his brother from coyotes 03:13

At 11 years old and with three remaining teeth, a Mission Viejo pooch proved that he still had a little dog left in him when a pair of coyotes attacked his little brother.

"Vinny's a superhero," said owner David Macaluso. "He's always been a scrapper. He's just not afraid of anything."

A few weeks ago, after returning home from a little walk with Vinny and his brother Harley, the Macalusos stepped away from their pets but forgot to close the doggy door.

Within moments, Harley went zooming out the open door after hearing a noise in the backyard. Outside, Harley found himself staring down two coyotes. The wild animals chased and grabbed the dog by the neck, forcing it to cry. After hearing the howl, Vinny lept to action, darting to Harley's rescue as fast as he could. 

"He just chased them I think he had a low-level growl that shocked the coyote," said Macaluso. 

Owner Erin Macaluso said Vinny's heroic actions gave Harley precious time to get away and spared the pup from any further injuries. The Macalusos said they are very proud of their little superhero and his actions. 

"I'm looking for a doggie cape but I haven't found one," said . "I'd give him a steak but he has no teeth."  

In the aftermath, doctors used 20 stitches to sow up Harley's wounds, which took him several weeks to recover from. 

"They think he was bitten three to four times is what the doctor said," Erin recalled. "He had a bite on each shoulder."

For now, the Macalusos said they will keep the dog door closed and will never underestimate the power and spirit of their aging Maltese rescue.

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