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'Botox Bandit': Police Looking For Woman Who Allegedly Skipped Out On $5K Cosmetic Bill

STUDIO CITY (CBSLA) – The hunt is on for the "Botox Bandit" as a business in Studio City says a woman got $5,000 worth of cosmetic procedures and took off without paying.

Police are hoping someone recognizes the woman who was wearing dark sunglasses and what appears to be a blonde wig.

"It seems that she was a professional scam artist," said Yana Pechenik with MyBotoxLA.

Pechenik said the woman entered the business on Sept. 25 claiming her name was Emily Ross.

During the woman's two-and-a-half hour appointment, Pechenik said there were several red flags.

"She talked about marketing, a lot about marketing. That she was a marketer, that she will market us," she said. "She was just extremely friendly and kind of in a hurry to leave."

In each of the "before" photos of the woman, she kept her eyes closed, which MyBotoxLA said was unusual.

botox bandit

Pechenik also said the woman appeared to be missing some of her back teeth and had undergone several plastic surgeries.

The woman received the injections to her neck and face.

When it came time to pay, the woman claimed she left her wallet in the car and had to go get it.

"When she walked out, I was pretty sure that she's not coming back," Pechenik said.

She was right. The credit card the woman provided was fake, according to MyBotoxLA.

In the seven years MyBotoxLA has been in business, Pechenik said no customer has ever walked off without paying. She added that the company will be more careful in the future but hopes someone recognizes the woman.

"I am hoping that she will getting caught and this will never happen again," Pechenik said.

It's not clear if the woman has done this before, but police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

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