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Boa-Clad Man, 44, Banned From Glendale Galleria After Being Accused Of Sexually Harassing Teens

GLENDALE ( — A 44-year-old Hollywood man was banned from the Glendale Galleria after he was accused of sexually harassing some teen girls, according to authorities.

Officials say Scott Basko was dressed in a head-to-toe shiny zebra print spandex outfit --  his chest and midriff exposed -- as well as sporting a feather boa and a fedora.

He pleaded not guilty Tuesday to three counts of child molesting for allegedly making sexually-suggestive gestures at the teens on Monday afternoon.

The girls ranged in age from 13-15.

In an earlier alleged incident, Glendale police said Basko was banned from another mall, the Americana at Brand, for committing lewd acts in front of teen girls. In that case they said he "intentionally [adjusted] his penis while wearing skin-tight pants."

In the Glendale Galleria, he reportedly winked and stared at the girls and then started to follow them until one yelled, "Stop."

The teens said he also made sexually-explicit gestures with his tongue. He told officers that his "gum chewing" could have been mistaken for other actions.

Basko's Facebook profile has several interesting facts including "lost 72 pounds in 2011" and that he was a city golf champion on 1984.

His bio also says he studied hospitality at the Academy Pacific Business and Travel College. Authorities say Basko was anything but hospitable with the young women at the Galleria.

According to a police report, he made them feel uncomfortable and they snapped his picture in the event, "he continued to act weird."

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