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BMX Legend Dave Mirra Possibly Suffered From CTE Before His Suicide

LOS ANGELES ( — Dave Mirra was an icon in the world of BMX.

The 41-year old was one of the most decorated athletes in the history of the X Games, winning 24 total medals.

Mirra also hosted MTV's popular show "Real World / Road Rules Challenge".

Before his suicide was reported on Thursday, he posted this photo to Instagram with him and his wife.

Mirra was found about an hour after this photo was posted, dead inside his truck in North Carolina.

Mirra will also be remembered as a family man, who loved his wife and two young daughters.

Roy Tapia is a skateboarder and boxer who is one of many wondering whether or not the repeated head trauma Mirra suffered throughout his life played a role in his death.

"Until we really know for sure, until anybody knows for sure, I mean everything's a possibility," Tapia said.

In the movie, "Concussion", Will Smith plays Bennett Omalu, the pathologist who first identified the brain disease called CTE in football players.

Symptoms include depression, lack of impulse control. headaches and insomnia.

Omalu believes that 90 percent to 100 percent of professional football players will suffer from CTE.

Junior Seau, who played in the NFL for 20 seasons, committed suicide in 2012.

His brain was later found to have signs of CTE.

Comparisons to Seau are now being made to those who knew Mirra, as friends expressed sadness on Twitter.

Tony Hawk tweeted out this heartfelt message on Friday.

Since CTE can only be identified through autopsy, doctors are not certain right now if Mirra actually had the condition.

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