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Black Lives Matter LA's Melina Abdullah Targeted With Another Swatting Call

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A fake 911 call reported the leader of Black Lives Matter in Los Angeles had overdosed on pills, just a day after she sued the LAPD over their response to another swatting call to her home last year.

Police officers rushed to the home of Melina Abdullah Thursday after someone pretending to be her son called 911, saying she had overdosed on pills.

Because the location has previously been the target of swatting – a fake 911 call intended to bring an urgent police response to a location – officers who couldn't get into the home determined Abdullah was not actually in any dangers after asking a neighbor to contact Abdullah. Abdullah told the Los Angeles Times she thought Thursday's swatting call was "very suspicious" since it comes just days after she filed a lawsuit against the LAPD over their handling of last year's swatting call.

In her lawsuit, Abdullah noted that last year's swatting call came as nationwide protests erupted over the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis. She claims the LAPD forced her and her children out of her home in order to "evoke terror."

The LAPD, which does not comment on pending litigation, said they have completed a report for electronic 911 abuse, and are working to identify the person who made the call.

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