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Black bear, BB-12, takes a stroll along Malibu's coastline

Black Bear, BB-12, believed to be taking long walks on Malibu beach
Black Bear, BB-12, believed to be taking long walks on Malibu beach 02:28

After being discovered by wildlife biologists in April, the first-ever black bear spotted in the Santa Monica Mountains seems to be settling in well in his new habitat. 

National Parks Service officials said that the bear, dubbed BB-12, has been taking at least a couple of midnight strolls along the sandy shores of Leo Carillo State Beach. Wildlife officials first learned about it after lifeguards spotted paw prints and confirmed it was BB-12 with GPS tracking. 

"I think our biologists are getting a kick out this," said NPS spokesperson Ana Beatriz Cholo. "But of course, it's really cool because, like I said, we don't have a resident bear population here. 

Cholo said that BB-12 had to cross four freeways, including the 101 and Pacific Coast Highway, to find his spot on the beach.

"I don't know if he actually went into the water," said Cholo. "But that's a great question, and I would love to know if he decided to check out the waves."

She added that the latest GPS tracking indicates BB-12 headed towards the Santa Susana Mountains, where the nearest known black bear population resides. 

The at least 3-year-old, 210-pound bear seems to be a bit of a nomad as biologists believe he is the same one people spotted walking along Newbury Park's Reino Road in 2021.  He was also spotted on wildlife trail cameras near Malibu Creek State Park and Point Mugu. 

Wildlife officials recommend that anyone who encounters a black bear avoids eye contact with it and slowly back away from it, do not run away.

It is uncommon that black bears will attack people but if one does it is imperative people fight back. 

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