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Billboard Goes Up In Pico Rivera To Remember Escaped Cows

PICO RIVERA (CBSLA) – A new billboard has gone up to bring attention to the approximately 40 cows which escaped from a Pico Rivera slaughterhouse last month and ran wild through a residential neighborhood.

Billboard Goes Up In Pico Rivera To Remember Escaped Cows
A billboard in Pico Rivera, Calif., bringing attention to about 40 cows which escaped from a nearby meatpacking plant. July 21, 2021. (Animal Alliance Network)

The billboard, headlined "Remember The Pico Rivera 41" has gone up at Beverly Boulevard and Di Maria Road, near Manning Beef.

On the evening of June 22, about 40 cows escaped through a gate that had accidentally been left open by an employee at Manning Beef.

The herd galloped into a residential neighborhood about a mile from the slaughterhouse.

At one point, about 20 to 30 settled into a cul-de-sac on Calico Avenue, surrounded by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies. The deputies attempted to round up the livestock, but were unsuccessful, and the cattle scattered throughout the neighborhood.

One cow was shot and killed by deputies after it charged at a family of four. By early the next morning, 38 of the cows had been rounded up and returned to the slaughterhouse thanks to some experienced ranchers.

The last remaining cow was found two days later in a South El Monte park, about five miles from the meatpacking plant. That cow was moved to an animal sanctuary and its life spared thanks to a donation from Grammy award-winning songwriter Diane Warren.

The remaining cows that were returned to the plant were slaughtered.

The billboard was funded by several animal rights groups, including Animal Alliance Network, Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News.

"Taking action to save the lives of animals is the most important thing that we can do to create change," said Katie Cleary, president of Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News, in a statement. "This billboard serves as a reminder that animals are sentient beings that should be treated with compassion and respect. With so many delicious plant-based food options now available, there is simply no justification for cows, or any animals, to be senselessly slaughtered for their meat. It needs to stop, not only for the health of people and animals, but for the future of this beautiful planet we all share."

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