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Pursuit suspect crashes into innocent driver after high-speed chase through Hollywood Hills

Pursuit suspect crashes into car, runs away
Pursuit suspect crashes into car, runs away 10:59

The Beverly Hills Police Department was in pursuit of a suspect near the Hollywood Hills.

Officers said they started chasing the suspect after the driver allegedly brandished a weapon. BHPD believes the weapon may have been a firearm. 

The suspect recklessly drove on the wrong side of the road on Mulholland Drive, narrowly missing oncoming traffic. 

He continued to reckless speed through red lights at about 100 mph until he crashed and slammed into an innocent driver. 

The suspect immediately hopped out of the car and ran into an alleyway as an officer trailed close behind. The suspect tried to break into a nearby home; however, the officer was able to arrest him before he could barricade inside. 

Other officers checked on the other driver, who exited his car and sat on the sidewalk as firefighters made their way to the crash site at the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Erwin Street. 

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