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Best Up-And-Coming Local Brands In Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is bursting with a multitude of brands, selling at numerous locations. All are working tirelessly to stock their shelves with the latest goods for the multitudes of shoppers coming to LA to spend their hard earned dollars. Most national brands are at the major retail outlets and malls, but the best, upcoming, local brands are often found away from the tourist traps and highly publicized events.

chilli beans
(credit: Aray C./Yelp)

Chilli Beans
6801 Hollywood Blvd. #243
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 472-4516

Established in 1998 and brought to Los Angeles in 2007, this trendy line of sunglasses from Brazil is filled with style. With several locations, Chilli Beans has a full line of high-end sunglasses and watches from the coolest designers creating unique styles to go with California's sun drenched beaches and string bikinis. Chilli Beans has exclusive designs for specific theme artists and boasts 10 new styles every week in limited quantities, so Chilli Beans is the perfect match for everyone's high end unique taste.

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fashion hipster
(credit: shutterstock)

Odd Future/Golf Wang
410 N. Fairfax
Hollywood, CA. 90036

This trendy pop-up store sports all kinds of quality fashion options for men and women. A site to spy celebs and rap stars, this little shop is packed with unusual logos and swag. The brand is all about unusual icons from hipsters past and present in the heart of Fairfax's central shopping strand. This is a high concept clothing boutique with an interior art gallery for cool skateboarders and wannabe stars.

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born x raised
(credit: Born X Raised)

Born X Raised/Union
110 S. La Brea Ave
Hancock Park, CA 90036
(323) 549-6950

Offering all types of handy gear including backpacks and denim, accessories and footwear, Union is perfect when searching for that item to pair with the most upcoming trends. Totally rad biker team jersey jackets and one of a kind items you won't find anywhere else are stocked into this little boutique. Searching for new brands from Japan or Europe, you can find them all here. This concept in shopping is a unique experience for all comers.

crooks n castles
(credit: Victor L./Yelp)

Crooks & Castles
455 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 652-3005

A Los Angeles brand, this street scene attire is inspired by the robber barons and crooks from LA street culture. With their specific brand of gangster logos on hats, shirts, pants and accessories are getting noticed by all the newest rap celebs. With hoodies, Medusa prints, and cut-and-sew pieces, Crooks & Castles brings it all home to the homie.

Child of Wild
(credit: Child of Wild)

Child of Wild
Online trending collection from LA

Founded in 2011, this online offering is a vast collection of unusual items from all over the globe. Rooted in the American-Indian culture, Child of Wild pieces are researched from historical art movements offer cultural relevance and depth that can be felt in every object. These special items were selected for their spiritual powers of minimalism and beauty.

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