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Best Salons For Hair Extensions In Los Angeles

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The pixie cut trends spearheaded by Hollywood's hottest including Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan have sparked lots of adorable, short haircuts. As with any fashion fad, this too will fade and growing out your pixie can sometimes be frustrating. Avoid the "Ugh-my-hair-looks-horrific" syndrome and join the rest of tinsel town in finding the best salons for hair extensions. Growing your hair out has never been easier with these amazing stylists.

Vered Salon
8252 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 655-3030

Vered Valensi, owner of Vered Salon, is Hollywood's go-to stylist when it comes to hair extensions. Valensi's charismatic energy trickles into her salon and will make your afternoon appointment feel like a date with your girlfriends. Vered Salon uses several hair-extension techniques, so talk to your stylist about the best options for your hair type and length. The methods range from permanent (three to five months) to temporary (clip-in, clip-out) and include fusion, bonding, micro, heat seal, string, tape, man-made skin, clip-in and do-it-yourself.

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Mark Slicker Salon
1107 Gayley Ave.
Westwood, CA 90024
(310) 443-8018

With beauty salon experience at Sally Hershberger, a John Frieda Salon, it is no wonder Mark Slicker is styling premier actresses including Penelope Cruz, Diane Keaton, Mary-Kate Olsen and Mariah Carey. Located in Westwood Village, Slicker's namesake salon, Mark Slicker Salon, specializes in providing full-service treatments, haircuts, styling and, of course, hair extensions. Using keratin bond extensions as well as clip-in extensions, Slicker works with each client, presenting all of the options, to give her thicker, fuller, longer hair in one visit.

On Set Hair Salon
145 Bay St. #10
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 395-1300

With more than 20 years as a hair-extension and color expert in the entertainment industry, Susan Lipson knows how vital a woman's hair is to her self-confidence. At her unpretentious, beachy, On Set Hair Salon, you walk out looking like a million bucks without the Madison Avenue price tag. Using only high-quality hair from India and Europe, Lipson personalizes each appointment, ensuring that her clients get what they want at an affordable price. Clients may choose copper clips, keratin polymer that wraps around the hair, skin wefts or shrink tubes from Great Lengths, Hair Dreams or Hair Locks. If you are not sure which brand or method is best, Lipson will consult and help you decide what works for both your budget and your hair.

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Celebrity Extensions
8328 Lincoln Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 338-9300

Celebrity Extensions is known for its distinction between "good hair" and "bad hair" and for correcting other salons' mistakes. Celebrity Extensions categorizes "good" or "virgin" hair as European hair from southern Italy, Spain, Russia and India that is naturally straight. To make sure you are getting quality locks, Celebrity Extensions handpicks the hair it uses and ensures that it is not chemically treated (including straighteners, perms or coloring). Celebrity Extensions uses both the keratin bond and cold-fusion methods, which are safe and handled by a professional extensions expert only. Once hair extensions are in place, proper caring procedures must be followed, but because the hair is real, clients are free to blow dry, flat iron and curl for desired styles.

Meredith Morris
Joseph Martin Salon
275 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 273-5313

With a long list of celebrity clients and red-carpet events including Kathy Griffin, Penelope Cruz, Lance Bass, the MTV Movie Awards, The Golden Globes and the Academy Awards, Meredith Morris is the buzz all over Hollywood. Morris customizes her hair extensions based on her clients' needs, desires, hair type and hair length. Make your appointment, and Morris will take you the city's best hair shop to find 100-percent, human-quality hair extensions that match your hair texture. She will then cut the pieces to blend with your style and color if necessary. Morris uses two application methods – itip and skin weft. The itip method attaches the individual pieces to your hair using silicone beads. The skin weft method utilizes wefts cut to size that are taped into the hair with a double-stick tape. Morris offers a complimentary consultation, so you feel comfortable making the commitment. She'll also teach you how to use clip ins for a test drive to see if you're really ready to commit to long hair.

Jennifer Geisman is a freelance writer and faithful beauty junkie living in Los Angeles. Her work can be found at


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