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Best Psychics And Mediums In LA

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Whether or not you believe in psychic ability, an afterlife, or something greater beyond universe, we're mesmerized by psychics, mediums, and "soul intuitives." And why shouldn't we be? The very nature of human beings is to be curious and to want answers to the great unknown. The psychic realm is one of the most enticing of uncharted territories – offering up exciting possibilities like continued connection to loved ones who've passed on, a potential afterlife, and - the Holy Grail of solutions – knowledge of what the future holds.

But knowing how to find somebody trustworthy and experienced can be a mystery. As with any profession there are scam artists. People who take advantage of the scientifically incalculable nature of the job, feeding on people's anxiety and pain in order to make a quick buck. So if you are interested in finding a psychic, it's important to look for someone with a loyal following, a known track-record, and as with any professional with whom you will share an intimate part of yourself, a couch-side manner that is a good fit with your own.

Maybe you have a question burning in your mind or are at a crossroads in your life. Or maybe you have lost a loved one and are seeking comfort. For you, we've compiled a list of Los Angeles' best and most qualified psychics to help you find the perfect adviser (and hopefully, the peace of mind) you are seeking.

Eddie Connor
(credit: Eddie Connor)

Eddie Conner

Soul Awareness
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #138
Studio City, CA USA 91604
(818) 388-5695

Eddie Conner may go by the title "Soul Intuitive" but I call him L.A.'s "Southern Fried Psychic." His charm, humor and intuitive abilities leave the client feeling like they've just had a butt-kicking reality check with a well-respected and beloved relative. In addition to being the personal psychic to many other respected psychics as well as multitudes of celebrities, Eddie has performed psychic readings on national television and currently co-hosts a radio show at UBN Radio. Eddie has been performing "soul intuitive" readings for more than 20 years and uses his gifts not only to read the person in front of him, but to connect with spirit guides on the other side who provide him with messages and visions of what is to come. If you're looking for a super friendly, energetic, "move-to-action" sort of reading, Eddie is your guy.

Rebecca Fearing
(credit: Rebecca Fearing)

Rebecca Fearing

The Purple Rose
(818) 368-4487

Rebecca Fearing is considered one of the country's most talented and naturally gifted practicing Psychic Medium and Healers. She not only works with her personal clients, but also assists in helping to solve murder cases and finding missing persons. This lady is good. Just ask someone from her hugely successful clients list, which includes business professionals, entrepreneurs, celebrities and law enforcement professionals. Her methodology? She connects through spirit guides with loved ones who have passed away in an attempt to bring peace, closure, and guidance. The information Rebecca picks up during her session is shockingly spot-on and will no doubt get you thinking, if you've come to the meeting as a skeptic. She's not afraid to share potential pitfalls or threats (which can be avoided) and she is known for her ability to hone in on your strengths and really help you find the path that feels right for you. Rebecca has been featured in numerous articles and books, and on national radio and television. But she is most recently known for her recurring appearances on Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and for hosting her own popular radio talk show "Dancing With Ghosts" on (Ask her if you can listen to the recording on her Blackberry. I can't tell you why, but trust me, it's so cool!)

(credit: Jana Hollingsworth)

Jana Hollingsworth

(310) 441-9597

Jana Hollingsworth is known as a "Life Coach from the Other Side." She is so light-hearted, energetic and spirited (pun intended). Hanging out with Jana is like hanging that great neighbor who just always has good advice. Calling upon spirit guides to help see the path of the client in front of her, Jana has a wonderful ability to almost immediately get a sense of who you are and where you are going. She is also known for being able to receive information about where you should be going, where your strength and happiness lies, and which people stand in your way. She gives advice and guidance with the natural ease of any experienced life coach and can help you sift through - and make sense of - the other-worldly information she receives on your behalf to help you find real-life solutions.

therese sanderson
(credit: Therese Sanderson)

Therese Sanderson

The Angelic Oasis Spiritual Healing Center
4375 Tujunga Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
(310) 848-3292

Therese Sanderson is what is known as a "Spiritual Healer." She connects with the "Angels" around you in order to help you better understand your life path and figure out what is stopping you from moving forward. Almost instantly she can communicate in the "shorthand" of someone who has known you for ages and has already heard all the dirt. Therese easily recalls, with uncanny accuracy, personal details of your life and almost immediately seems to understand what you really need. Once she gets you up on her "healing table" (where she applies these incredibly yummy essential oils), you relax into a whirl of mantras as she takes you through your emotional mires, pinpoints their source, and helps you face them and send them packing. Whether you believe in angels or not, a session of chatting and chanting with Therese leaves you feeling renewed and in control. (And you smell fabulous!)

Nora Fleur Stone
(credit: Nora "Fleur" Stone)

Nora "Fleur" Stone

"Fleur" is an incredibly powerful and talented Psychic Medium, which took me by surprise because when you meet this adorable, youthful blonde, she just doesn't look anything at all like what you'd expect from a medium. But she's the real deal*. After being ushered into her private office space and taking a seat across from her, she uses her gifts to request a connection with the spirits on the other side (she's incredibly polite and continuously "thanks" the spirits throughout the session for taking the time and energy to speak with her and sharing information.) Her level of accuracy is incredible so don't be surprised if you find yourself tearing up in the first five minutes – or even getting into an argument with a spirit who hurt you in this life. How can this happen you ask? She told me, "If somebody had stubborn or opposing personality in this life, they will be very similar in the next. They may have a different perspective, but for example, but our souls remain constant." Another fun bit of advice she gave me was "If Uncle Morty gave bad financial advice in this life, don't listen to him when he says buy stock in pork bellies."

In addition to personal sessions, Fleur leads monthly Mediumship demonstrations. This demonstration of Mediumship allows someone the chance to experience a short reading, while witnessing many others receive readings as well. Each spirit links with her of a few minutes allowing her to get to many people throughout the evening. "Not only is it wonderful to hear from your loved ones that have passed, but they also have a great amount of wisdom and love to give anyone in attendance. Some will even chat your ear off!" You can see a short video of one of her demonstrations on Youtube. She also teaches monthly classes and workshops on how to own your psychic skills (yes, everyone is psychic!) and tap into your intuition. She also teaches how to connect with your loved ones who have passed over. A session with "Fleur" is, without doubt, an "enlightening" experience.

*All opinions regarding the validity of the psychic phenomenon experienced in connection with the above psychics/mediums are based on the writer's own personal experience.

Sarah Maizes is a humor writer, comedian, and Parenting & Lifestyle blogger. She has appeared on "The Today Show", CNN, KTLA and NPR, and is a regular contributor to, The Huffington Post, and CBS Los Angeles. She is the author of several humor books including her most recent New York Times reviewed picture book for children, "On My Way to Bed." To read her parenting antics and receive her unsolicited advice follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.
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