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Best Professional Organizers In Los Angeles

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Everybody has a lot of stuff in their houses, apartments and garages, and dealing with it is a major problem. Whether you are doing spring cleaning, giving away old clothes or moving, evaluating if those items are worthwhile possessions or clutter is quite difficult. Since letting go of personal items can be challenging, that is where professional organizers come in. Professional organizers bring a piece of mind to the decluttering process and do it an efficient manner and here are some of the top professional organizers in L.A.

Bneato Bar - verified
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Bneato Bar
(323) 929-2141

Made up of a team of professional organizers helping Angelenos tackle their home, office and digital clutter, The Bneato Bari team is passionate about helping clients create more space in their lives and ultimately giving clients peace of mind. Beth Penn leads the squad with over a decade of experience, and teaches workshops on email decluttering and time management while also providing these services virtually to clients near and far.

Clutter Healing
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Clutter Healing
(310) 409-3024

Lili Petitt, founder of Clutter Healing, is a native Californian who put in years of hard work as a wardrobe stylist before following her true passion and bursting into the home organizing scene over six years ago. Now her eye for fashion, keen organizational skills, and spiritual nature make her one of the most sought after professionals in Los Angeles. Every day on the job she helps clients understand the relationship between their lives and their clutter, and shows them how to improve both!

A Clear Path
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A Clear Path: Professional Organizing and Productivity
(818) 400-9592

As a Board Certified Professional Organizer and founder of A Clear Path: Professional Organizing for Home, Work, Life, Regina Lark specializes in working with people with chronic disorganization, ADHD, and hoarding disorders, as well as folks who have way too much stuff. Among many of her achievements, Lark has been voted as a top organizer and also one of the most innovative organizers in Los Angeles. Unique to her process is that she creates a PATH, which stands for Purpose, Action, Transform, Harmonize, for her clients, which sets goals, creates an action plan, transforms a client's space and ultimately creates harmony where it didn't exist before.

Dorothy The Organizer
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Dorothy The Organizer
(888) 229-5346

Dorothy Breininger has been organizing for over twenty years and is versatile in that she does not have a standard, one-size-fits all approach. She identifies what is unique about each of her client's situations, she works with clients through all ages and stages of life, and then delivers. Breininger was the president of the National Association of Professional Organizers in Los Angeles (NAPO – LA) and a national board member of NAPO, and currently lectures around the world and appears on A&E's weekly show 'Hoarders. Furthermore, she has written six books, leads a popular on-line video organizing course ( and just released the only cloud storage product that is also an organizing solution ( where folks are walked through using their own cloud experience with "DorothyTheOrganizer" assisting users with tips and videos along the way.

Get Organized Already
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Get Organized Already
(323) 230-0297

Nonnahs Driskill has a passion for connecting people and their ideas, a natural extension into a personalized service like organizing. As the founding organizer of Get Organized Already, she leads a staff of friendly team members helping nice people become comfortably organized. The Get Organized Already teams keep the big picture in mind while perfecting the details, doing everything from home office organization to estate clearing to garage organization and more.

No Wire Hangers
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No Wire Hangers
(323) 388-9131

If there is such a thing as an organizing gene, Julie Naylon believes that she was born with that special quality. Her company No Wire Hangers has been organizing Los Angeles homes since 2008 and since then has been featured in Marie Claire and appeared on The Conan O'Brien Show. But Naylon's company goes beyond just organizing, as she believes that it's not just about putting things in boxes. In her thinking, it also involves a total mind shift in the way you think and relate to your things.

Solutions by Sonya - VERIFIED
(credit: Jenn Page)

Solutions By Sonya
(323) 999-4842

Sonya Joseph is a professional organizer in Los Angeles who specializes in residential organizing for those who are feeling that life is getting out of control. Joseph also is a specialist in estate organizing for families who need to clear out a home after the passing of a loved one. She firmly believes that getting our stuff in order helps us get our careers, our finances and our relationships in order. She also is an in-demand public speaker on organizing topics and offers clutter recovery workshops for small groups.

(credit: Donald Norris)

(323) 656-9665

As a mom and certified professional organizer, Deborah Kawashima, CPO of Creative Organizer since 2003, provides hands-on organizing for families, specializing in working with kids and students. Her creative background as a children's wear designer adds a fresh point of view to being an organizing consultant. Growing up, Deborah's parents owned Montessori schools and this natural sense of order influences her approach to organizing. An active member of NAPO, she co-founded and was national committee chair (2005-2010) for NAPO in the Schools, receiving the NAPO Innovator Award in 2007 and currently is the POLA Educational Chair for her local Los Angeles chapter.

Practically Perfect verified
(credit: Cheryl Himmelstein @ NYLA Portraits)

Practically Perfect
(424) 265-7752

Joni Weiss, an award-wining early childhood educator, and Kitt Fife, a highly-regarded event planner, have created a harmonious partnership that combines their distinct perspectives on organizing. Practically Perfect's team approach to organizing maximizes creativity and productivity for each project as they both are organizational perfectionists and apply that spirit to each step of their process. The Practically Perfect team uses client-specific criteria, including attention to design preferences and household functionality, to ensure that solutions are both practical and perfect.

Organizing Wonders - verified
(credit: Jen Serena at Serena Creative)

Organizing Wonders
(323) 377-1312

Tanya Whitford, CPO® started her company, Organizing Wonders in 1999 and focuses on residential organizing. In addition to being an inaugural Certified Professional Organizer, she is also a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization where she is a specialist in ADD, chronic disorganization and hoarding. Her passion for dealing with papers, recycling, and resources have made her a tremendous asset to her clients while her compassion and sense of humor make her sessions fun and productive.

Supreme Organization - VERIFIED
(credit: Tim Alexander)

Supreme Organization
P.O. Box 57534
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413
(818) 590-7800

Started in 2015 by Jodie Watson, Supreme Organization specializes in helping individuals and businesses bring order out of chaos. Jodie takes a whole-life approach to organizing and uses practical, actionable organizing strategies to help her clients untangle the mess and disorganization in their life as well as uncover what's at the heart of their disorganization. While digging her clients out from under the piles of stuff and setting up systems and processes that are straightforward and easy to maintain, Jodie teaches and empowers them to do things differently in order to maintain the organization they achieve. She was featured on TLC Network's reality make-over show "Real Simple. Real Life." and is the author of "Purge with Passion."

More Hours in a Day  - VERIFIED
(credit: Jordan Weiner)

More Hours in a Day
(310) 720-1128

Jordan Weiner is the proprietor of More Hours in the Day, a personalized service that gives you more time for you and what you love, offering services encompassing all areas of home, home-office, personal and social life. She is an organizer, assistant, and planner helping people solve their everyday problems and giving clients more hours in the day and saying yes to less stress. Weiner has taken her 25 years of being an investigator, executive and personal assistant and combined it with what gives her joy, helping others to get organized and enjoy life, family, friends, etc.

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