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Best Products Made In LA

Made In LA Thrive Furnishings header
(credit: Thrive Home Furnishings)

The word "outsourced" has filtered its way into our collective vocabulary. The ability to buy what you need and have it sourced locally seems like something that only our grandparents got to do. A surprising trend is emerging: Made in LA. The motivations for businesses to keep it local are diverse: eco-friendly, the ability to be personally involved in every aspect of the business, creating opportunity for Angelenos and patriotism, to name a few. No matter the reasons for the business or the customer to "buy LA," the fact is there are some amazing products made right here in Los Angeles.

Made In LA Quenchwear
(credit: Quenchwear)


Quenchwear is designed in Long Beach, cut in Los Angeles and sewn in the San Fernando Valley. Quenchwear provides women with a unique range of modular building basics for the modern lifestyle. The pieces take customers from the pool and spa to working out to yoga class to a casual dinner out. Wendy Manasse, designer and founder of Quenchwear, includes the ability to personally check production on a regular basis and receive quick turnaround as reasons for producing Quenchwear in LA. "We are proud to say our product is 'Made in the USA' and our customers place a lot value on that decision." Wendy has worked with Quenchwear's LA-based cutting and sewing professionals throughout her 25 year fashion career. The highly skilled workers are experts in working with Quenchwear's high tech stretch fabrics. With clothes that take you through almost any occasion, it's great to know you can spend your day in an outfit 100% made in LA.

Made In LA Wylie Wilson
(credit: Elizabeth Peterson)

Wylie Wilson

Wylie Wilson is a new, hip line of women's underwear created by Australian actress, Peta Wilson. She pays homage to her homeland by calling her products "knickers," the Aussie word for underwear. To quote Peta, "Wylie Wilson knickers are cool, sexy, fun and irreverent. From bedroom to boardroom, bistro to beach-bar, express your personality with my kaleidoscopic collection of knickers." Wylie Wilson panties are literally "little pieces of art" created in a 2,500-square-foot studio with large windows in Downtown LA. For Peta, it is essential be closely involved with production. Together, with Wylie Wilson's sewers and pattern makers, they pull from a menagerie of fabrics Peta has collected from all over the globe. Working as a team, everyone is asked for their opinion on how to make the best products possible. Some key reasons for producing Wylie Wilson locally are assurance that products aren't made by children, to keep jobs in LA and to assure a high quality product. Even though it may be cheaper to produce overseas, being made in LA is a core value of Wylie Wilson. The "knickers" are a unique cut that are both flattering and comfortable on various body types. The second you pick up a pair, the feel of the fabric, trim and added details totally drives home the point that made in LA equals high quality.

Made In LA Thrive Furnishings
(credit: Thrive Home Furnishings)

Thrive Home Furnishings

14108 Towne Ave
Los Angeles 90061

The mid-century furniture craze is in full swing in Los Angeles and Thrive Home Furnishings is proud to say they make all their furniture in LA. Their energy-saving facility is located in the Harbor Gateway area near the 110/105 interchange. Thrive designs their products 15 feet from where they manufacture them. This set up allows for unmatched flexibility in every step of the creative process. Thrive's corporate strategy "has always been to produce quality American products at a fair price, while keeping our environmental impact to an absolute minimum." They are committed to responsible harvesting and using the best American-based raw materials. The showroom, open to the public, is right in the factory and customers are invited to tour the facilities. From sectional sofas in mustard-colored fabric to stainless steel and teak patio furniture, the variety of products is a mid-century enthusiast's dream. Thrive's furniture comes with their "no-hassle 365-day guarantee" and "lifetime warranty." The convenience of being able to visit, test a sofa, check out the factory and place your order — all during your lunch break — is the added bonus of buying your made in LA Thrive Home Furnishings.

Made In LA soaptopia
(credit: Soaptopia)


12228 1/2 Venice Blvd.
Mar Vista 90066

Soaptopia is just what the name evokes: a soap utopia. The store exudes a rustic feel with products displayed on bakery racks allowing customers to look through to the production areas. Handmade bar soap, salt scrubs, bubble baths, body balms and more, all with unique combinations of natural ingredients and essential oils make Soaptopia feel like a candy store for grown-ups. Jolie Chitwood-Cox is the founder and visionary for Soaptopia and can usually be found sporting an apron and creating the "the love that goes into everything that is Soaptopia." Her vision is one of actively participating in the eco-centered community of Los Angeles, empowering people to know themselves better and therefore better contribute to the whole. Jolie started making soap to solve her own allergy issues with chemicals and preservatives. Her journey to creating the purest and most natural products possible has become a benefit for Los Angeles and beyond. When you are completely out of ideas for gifts, Soaptopia is your solution. Besides individual products, there are pre-made gift sets or you can create your own. It is the perfect combination: fun, useful, natural and made in LA.

When Elizabeth isn't scouring the city and asking everyone she knows where to find stuff that is Made In LA, she can be found over on her personal blog.

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