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Best Places For Halloween Costumes In Los Angeles

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Halloween in Los Angeles is a sight to see, especially when neighborhoods such as Santa Monica team up to create spooky trick-or-treating for families. Decorating your home for Halloween is a fun experience for the whole family and can easily be done with all that Los Angeles' stores and boutiques have to offer.

Funniest Halloween Costumes
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Ursula's Costumes
2516 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 582-8230

Although Ursula's Costumes in Santa Monica is open year-round for costumes, the bulk of their popularity comes around the October Halloween season of course. The store offers a huge selection of costumes, masks, makeup, hats, and other accessories that has made this family-owned shop popular. Expect to find rare and one-of-a-kind items, packaged costumes as well as popular costumes here. Costume types and accessories include everything from tutus, stockings, glasses and goggles, hats, wigs, plus size costumes, kids costumes, adult costumes, tween/teen costumes and even baby/toddler costumes. For adults, popular items include costumes from every decade like the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's as well as other period costumes. But, it doesn't stop there. Cowboys and indians, biblical and religious, renaissance, circus and clowns, angels, superheroes, villains and TV and movie characters are just the start of what they offer. Out of most costume shops, this is one you won't want to miss if you're either looking for something specific or just looking for a great idea.

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Robinson Beautilities
12320 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(310) 398-5757

As one of the best places in Los Angeles to not only get costumes, but wigs and beauty supplies too, you can be sure that your costume will make a splash at this years Halloween bash. Prices here are very reasonable and with the help of the friendly staff, they will help you select from a selection of anything you can imagine. If you're the type that doesn't want to own your costume, don't fear, as they offer costumes that can be either purchased or just rented.

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Halloween Town
3021 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 848-3644

Halloween Town is a one-stop shop for decorations and costumes. Delighting Halloween shoppers for more than 10 years, Halloween Town specializes in accessorizing your home to be the scariest one on the block. Decorate your front door by welcoming trick-or-treaters with the Freddy Krueger Cardboard Standup Cutout or the Wizard Of Oz Wicked Witch Cardboard Standup Cutout. Halloween Town has everything you need to create your own haunted house including items for a morbid torture chamber, vampire lair, evil pirate ship and other creepy scenarios that can only wake the dead.

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Adele's Of Hollywood
5034 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 663-2231

Traditionally known for its variety of Halloween Costumes, Adele's of Hollywood will help you set up a massacre of hauntings throughout your home. Scare your guests with one of the many Halloween decorations and props form this iconic store. Haunting since 1945, Adele's of Hollywood has outfitted Halloween decorations for Los Angeles' most prominent A-listers from the entertainment industry, local businesses and schools, and now it is your hot spot for spooky décor.

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Hollywood Toys and Costumes
(credit: Hollywood Toys and Costumes)

Hollywood Toys and Costumes
6600 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 464-4444

Hollywood Toys and Costumes will be scaring up the town with all of its new decorations for Halloween. As one of Los Angeles' best costume shops since 1950, Hollywood Toys and Costumes' evil experts will assist you in creating a chilling atmosphere that will welcome the neighborhood goblins and ghouls. On All Hallow's Eve, decorate your home and yourself to receive visitors with the store's variety of spooky masks and wigs. If you really want to freak out your guests, try a pair of Gothika Contact Lenses in Blackout, Banshee or Walking Dead.

dapper cadaver
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Dapper Cadaver
7572 San Fernando Road
Sun Valley, CA 91352
(818) 771-0818

Dapper Cadaver is one of Los Angeles' hidden gems when it comes to Halloween décor. Customers can rent or purchase any of the items in stock to decorate homes for Halloween. Dapper Cadaver specializes in bones, skeletons and skulls and your guests will be wondering if they are animal or human. You can request specific bones or create your own creepy combination. Great for using year after year, the Dapper Cadaver bone selection includes raccoon and coyote bones such as femurs, ribs, pelvis, vertebrae and shoulder blades. You can also just buy a miscellaneous assortment including American vermin animals and coyotes.

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The Costume Shoppe
746 W Doran St
Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 244-1161

Serving Los Angeles and surrounding communities for over 60 years, Glendale's The Costume Shoppe is the perfect place to visit whether you know what you want to be for Halloween or have no idea. Although the shop specializes in rental costumes only, you'll be amazed at the over 20,000 different pieces that can be combined to make millions of other combinations. To help you sort through the myriad of different options available, a staff is on hand to help you look through everything and get you the right costume. Everything from Victorian, 20th Century, military, colonial, biblical, and Shakespearean costumes to costumes from the old west, renaissance, sci-fi- and much more are on hand to rent. The one draw back is they don't offer costumes for purchase, but who needs to be the same pirate each year anyways, right?

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Funniest Halloween Costumes
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The Costume House
7324 Greenbush Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91605
(818) 508-9933

If you're looking to create something that will be uniquely yours, North Hollywood's The Costume House is the place to go. Easily one of Los Angeles' premier spots to get costumes for Halloween, whether you need a costume for a private party, or are looking for one for a film/TV show, The Costume House offers a plethora of options for men, women and children. With an inventory that is envious, any type of style costume is literally at your fingertips. And, while they do specialize in providing costumes for movies like "Titanic" and other hit films, it's a great place for individuals too. Custom Made to Purchase, The Costume House designs and work with its customers on building custom outfits built to your exact specifications that is yours to keep in the end.

Jennifer Geisman is a freelance writer and faithful beauty junkie living in Los Angeles. Her work can be found at

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