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Best Orange County Foodies To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is an unusual beast that takes time to understand and use effectively. You have to wade through a lot of noise to find accounts that really speak to your interests. Luckily, if you love food, the work has been done for you. Follow these Orange County Twitter accounts and you'll get the scoop about great bites in the area.

Chunk-N-Chip Cookies

Remember when the ice cream truck came to your neighborhood as a kid and you couldn't wait to get your Push-Up or Bomb Pop? Just imagine if you could have enjoyed an ice cream sandwich made with two warm cookies. That is called a BOO-Yah! on the Chunk-n-Chip food truck. This account is a good one to follow not just so you can learn when this little bit of heaven is available near you, but it updates followers on the cookie of the month. One recent selection included chocolate and chipotle.

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Who doesn't love bacon? That could easily be the slogan for the BACON MANia truck. If you want to know when you can get your hands on "unabashedly American unapologetic man-food," (chili con bacon, anyone?) this is definitely an account you want to follow.

The Food Trucker

So you're busy and can't spend a lot of time on Twitter trying to find out when and where to find your favorite food trucks. Fear not. The Food Trucker keeps an eye on and tweets about all sorts of food truck events in Orange County and Los Angeles. This is a good, comprehensive look at the food-truck scene in the Southland.

Kogi BBQ

One of the great things about southern California is that it is a place where countless cultures converge. Where else are you likely to find a Korean BBQ taco truck? (Yes, you read that correctly.) That is exactly what Kogi BBQ serves. If you look at this account, you will see it is all over the place. Oh, and the truck has almost 100,000 followers (at the time of this writing), so obviously it is worthwhile to follow this account.

The Viking Truck

The Viking Truck promises "to pillage your hunger...with a Viking attitude." Can you honestly say your interest isn't piqued by a statement like that? A recent tweet from this account announced something called a bourbon currywurst. Now, I don't know about you, but any food outlet that combines bourbon with sausage is worth some attention.

Seabirds Truck

Before you start thinking that all the food trucks in the area are loaded with foods that are tasty but not necessarily good for you, give the Seabirds truck a chance. This is food truck featuring organic vegan food such as buffalo tofu tacos. Keep up with this account for updates on locations and menu items.

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Food Frenzy

Food Frenzy is an account written by two Orange County Register writers. These two women go to restaurants throughout Orange County and write about them (with pictures of course). The Twitter account links to the Register articles and provides recommendations on where to eat, no matter where you are in the county.

Minerva Thai

A successful Twitter account is one that gives information and doesn't deal with all of the unnecessary Twitter noise. If you're looking for someone who writes about food, food deals and so on, follow Minerva Thai's @MuchAdoBlog account. The updates on her account are generally links to her daily food blog, which are worthwhile reads about various food events in the county.

There you have it. You're in Orange County and you have to eat. Follow these Twitter accounts and you'll always know where you can find good food, no matter the craving.

Gary Schwind is a freelance writer covering all things Orange County. His work can be found on

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