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Best OC Photographers To Follow On Instagram

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Orange County is the home to a fantastic environment that is a photographer's dream. Given all the different platforms that are available to capture moments, Instagram has been one embraced by many photographers to share their work and connect with each other. The community has grown, and all photographers have specific techniques and points of view that are wonderful to see. Here are the some of the top photographers on Instagram from Orange County.

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Mali Workman

For close to four years, Mali Workman has been on Instagram sharing the parts of her life, like her travels, her love for the ocean, adventures with her children and a dash of yoga. "What first attracted me to this platform was the challenge to push myself creatively using only the iPhone camera," she said. Throughout the years, she has expanded her material to include her work she shoots with her Nikon DSLR and Sony equipment. Workman says her style is "relaxed, like my life." Her shots capture the subject when they feel most comfortable and her inspiration comes from nature and people. Her tip for others posting on Instagram is "to keep in mind that you attract a certain type of person depending on what you share, so be true to who you are."

(credit: Mahyar/instagarm)

Mahyar Alahyari

As a filmmaker and storyteller, Mahyar Alahyari first started his photography passion as a hobby more than seven years ago. His photos on Instagram reveal the essence of what drives him creatively, and he is one of the earlier adopters of the platform back in 2010. Coming from an artistic family, Alahyari was first exposed to this craft by his cinematographer father. His relationship and guidance from his father has led to "better critique through a visually trained eye." You are on the journey with Alahyari on his Instagram account as you will see that he captures moments that are significant to him and his trained eye. He first began posting photos that were unique to him and "never followed any rules" on the platform. "I realized people enjoy it more when I make my photos more personal. So, I just post photos that I like and have something to say," he explained.

(credit: ronazevedophoto/instagram)

Ron Azevedo

Since the age of nine, Ron Azevedo has had a love for photography. Although he held a deep passion, he did not decide to fully pursue fine art photography professionally until the last ten years. Azevedo has been a resident of a seaside village in Orange County, known as San Clemente, for the past 30 years. He is fairly new to the Instagram game having opened his account a little over a year ago. You will see him post the best photos that are relevant to what he is working on at the moment. "Since I've been on Instagram, it's usually the first place I'll introduce my new work to the world," he said.

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(credit: MehreenQudosi/instagram)

Mehreen Qudosi

Southern California native Mehreen Qudosi is based in Downtown Fullerton and has used Instagram for the past two years to showcase her work. She has been a photographer since high school and currently combines her photography with graphic design to reflect her portfolio. "I genuinely believe there's a little bit of beauty anywhere," Qudosi said, "it's just a matter of paying attention." Her work is best described as colorful, nature-based and eccentric. Her inspiration comes from the beauty that "isn't made by the hand of man." Her tip for those posting on Instagram: Do not focus on getting the "right" photo. Photograph what moves you and stop caring about how cool your feed looks.

(Credit: AshleyPaigePhoto/instagram)

Ashley Paige

What first started out as a hobby in high school led Ashley Paige to pursue photography professionally, and she has done so in the Orange County area for the past eight years. She has taken on Instagram for the past two years and posts photos based on three main criteria. First, the photo composition needs to be pleasing in the square format. "There might be a great photo, but when cropped into a square, it does not do it justice," she said. Second, Paige has shot work that ranges from advertising to newborns, but you will only see her posting wedding photos because she shows "the work I want to get more of." Third, she wants to show photos that are consistent with her style and brand. All photos tell a story, and Paige uses Instagram to market her work to potential clients. When looking for a fine art and lifestyle photographer in Orange County, you need not look further than Ashley Paige.

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