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If you think Orange County fashion is all about Coach handbags and Juicy Couture, you've probably been watching too many episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County. OC's style has many more layers to it. Some trendsetters prefer a mix of beach bum casual and hipster chic while others strive for edgy sophistication. While OC's fashionistas come from many different backgrounds, they all take what they wear seriously. Just do a quick search and you'll find thousands of print and digital pages devoted to the art of fashion in Orange County. In fact, local bloggers have made a living out of defining what is fashionable in OC.

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Living In Style OC
Alyssa Battaglia

Created by Alyssa Battaglia in March of 2014, Living In Style OC was created to give a place to know about the latest and greatest in fashion, as well as food, fun and more throughout the Orange County area. Alyssa has blogged on everything from a "Fun In The Sun" article highlighting bikini looks for Summer to Spring looks and much more./

Leslie Christen
(credit: Leslie Christen)

Leslie Christen Lifestyling
Leslie Christen

If you want to know how to pair printed pants with portofino shirts or accessorize for the workplace, check out Leslie Christen’s blog each week. Christen is a personal stylist and fashion contributor to some of Orange County’s most widely circulated life and style magazines. Her style tips draw from iconic fashion inspirations and today’s hottest celebrity trends. Whether you're dressing up for the office or dressing down for the evening, Leslie Christen Lifestyling will have you sporting chic any time of day.

Rachel Nguyen
(credit: That's Chic/Rachel Nguyen)

That’s Chic
Rachel Nguyen

A rising star in the world of fashion, Rachel Nguyen is an Irvine native who started blogging at the age of 17. Since then, she's become a fashion sensation, hobnobbing with some of the fashion world's biggest names and styling photo shoots for popular magazines. Her love for vintage and edgy styles is apparent on her blog and saturates her taste in music, home furnishing and footwear.

sophie mae
(credit: Sophie Mae Style)

Sophie Mae Style
Sophie Mae

From must-have fall fashions to picking the right shade of blush, Sophie Mae's blog provides style tips for OC fashion mavens on a dime. Learn why trench coats are always in and how cutouts can increase your sex appeal. Find out what your favorite Hollywood star is wearing or check out what stylish gifts are hitting the shelves this holiday season. No matter who you are, Sophie Mae Style will help you infuse a little vogue into your everyday OC life.

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Amanda Nguyen
Amanda Nguyen

Amanda Nguyen

Just scrolling through the photos on Amanda Nguyen’s blog will give you a sense of what to wear and how to wear it, no matter what the occasion. Not only can this fashionista rock dressy and casual, she knows how to tie it all together with the perfect handbag or funky shoes. For those wanting to perfect an eclectic style that’s Zara meets Urban Outfitters, keeping up on Amanda Nguyen's blog can teach you a thing or two about fashion sense.

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