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Best Networking Groups To Attend In Los Angeles

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Networking for business, or for personal reasons can be a really important aspect of anyone's life. In Los Angeles, we're lucky to have plenty of great networking groups to choose from. These are the best.

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15165 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 382-6496

With groups that meet across the city, ProVisors is a terrific networking group that meets monthly. The group plays host to nearly every field as well and makes sure that in every networking group, there is an individual that specializes in different field. So, the aim is to create a group that has one individual that specializes in law, one in business, one in the IT industry, as well as other industries.

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LA Chamber Of Commerce

When you join the LA Chamber of Commerce, you can be sure you'll be linked up to some pretty important members of the community. Holding events all the time, the group is filled with individuals in all fields. So, whether it's a luncheon, or a discussion on the future of transportation in LA, they not only offer networking opportunities, but interesting discussions and talks as well.

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Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
9400 S Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 248-1000

One of the most prestigious organizations to be a member of, The Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce is a member only group that offers a wide variety of educational events, as well as signature events and networking programs. Holding monthly networking events to help members expand their circle of contacts and give them that competitive advantage is of utmost importance to this group. Whether it's a networking breakfasdt where you can mix and mingle with other Chamber members, or their "Business After Dark" quarterly event, three's plenty to take part in. There is also their Young Professionals Network (YPN), which is great for those up and comers looking to make contacts.

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The LA Business Networking Group(LABNG)

LABNG has steadily grown over the years and has over 2000 members at this point in time. With a stellar reputation as one of the premier business networking groups in LA, they hold monthly business networking events that help you introduce yourself to business professionals and executives, as well as business owners and entrepreneurs.

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