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Best Healthy Food And Meal Delivery Services in Los Angeles

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(credit: Sakara Life)

Looking to lose a few pounds? Have specific dietary requirements that are difficult to find from take-out restaurants? Meal delivery services take the guesswork out of healthy eating. They account for portions and control calorie intake, so you don't have to think before you eat.

Food delivery services are also a godsend for busy professionals, business travelers, and regular families who want to stay on track.

Want to hop aboard the meal delivery service train? Here are a few of our favorites for food delivery. .

sakara life
(credit: Sakara Life)

Sakara Life
(844) 336-2052
www.sakaralife.comQuite possibly the most beautifully branded of all, Sakara Life is like the Vogue of meal delivery providers. What started in NY has touched down in LA to a welcome and anticipated reception. Simple, fresh, clean and nourishing is the name of the game, with the added touch of coveted sauces for good measure. This plant-based organic meal delivery program is based on a whole-food diet, free of calorie counting, GMOs, dairy, or gluten. A unique feature of Sakura Life's meal plans is the inclusion of flavored waters and tea, emphasizing the importance of hydration as part of a clean and balanced program.

crateful andre m
(credit: Andre M./Yelp)

Crateful LA
230 W. Avenue 26th, Unit 266
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(310) 200-9799
www.crateful.laWhat sets Crateful LA apart is a team that includes Michelin Star Chef Cristina Bowerman and celebrity nutritionist Alyse Levine to bring an elevated meal delivery experience with an emphasis on beautifully delicious, professional chef caliber meals. Unlike most delivery services, food is packed in compostable packaging, not your typical plastics. Out of the four meal plan options available, the Chef option is a unique offering, with dishes like charred beef filet with roasted onions and vegetable paella and pineapple carpaccio with meringues on the menu.

(credit: Wholesome2Go)

4000 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(310) 876-2587
www.wholesome2go.comThe great thing about family ran Wholesome2Go is their commitment to using wholesome ingredients without compromise. That means no synthetic chemicals, GMOs, processed ingredients, or hormones. They are proudly transparent about where they source their ingredients. You can view a full listing of the local farms and food purveyors on their website, such as produce from Tutti Fruitti, pork from Niman Ranch, and more. Expect pastured eggs, grass fed meats, and fish that is never frozen.

zen foods
(credit: Z.E.N. Foods)

Z.E.N. Foods
7225 Clybourn Ave
Los Angeles, CA 91352
(310) 205-9368
www.zenfoods.comA veteran in the meal delivery service realm, Z.E.N. Foods was started by Mariana Rossano who worked with New York's Zone Gourmet program and later moved on to head up the LA flagship before branching out on her own. A team of doctors, trainers, and professional athletes contribute their expertise to the program. They've got a superior track record of happy and healthy clients who gush over the delightfully tasty meals, delivery reliability and stand out customer service Z.E.N. provides.

(credit: Paleta)

Venice, CA 90291
(310) 673-7820
www.paleta.comChef Kelly Boyer, a survivor of late stage terminal cancer is a real life example of cultivating health through eating well. A favorite amongst celebrities, Paleta meals are made in LA's first certified green commercial kitchen, complete with recycling/composting programs and an on-site greenhouse where they grow some of their own ingredients. Different portion options are available for Paleta's seasonal meal plans, including fit (weight loss), lifestyle (health/energy maintenance), and performance (athletes). Also on offer are specially designed programs like the Paleta Pregnancy and Fit To Be Wed address big moments in life when proper nutrition is paramount. If you're in need of a reset, they offer a popular and comprehensive Mind & Body cleanse.

klean la
(credit: Klean LA)

Klean LA
6621-A Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(855) 325-5326
www.kleanla.comFor conscientious eaters that care about the quality of their proteins, Klean LA is an excellent choice. All of the animal proteins they source are part of the USDA's Never-Ever program, assuring no antibiotics or hormones are used at any point through the animal's lifetime. Beef is always local, free-range and grass-fed and Mary's Free Range supplies the chicken and turkey. Produce and grains are also locally sourced and organic when available. In addition to individual meal plans, they also offer plans for families of four, which include a balanced meal of proteins, vegetables, and carbs so the whole family can get in on quality nutrition.

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