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Best Grilling Gadgets For Your Summer Cookouts

Whether you're a cookout fanatic whose grilling spatula becomes a permanently attached appendage come summertime or you're more of a laid back griller who likes to throw the occasional barbecue, there are plenty of new gadgets on the market to aid in your outdoor cooking.  Dust off your grill, grab the charcoal and fill up that propane tank; these grilling gadgets will have you itching to get out of the kitchen and into the backyard.


Corn Griller Basket

Corn Griller Basket
Sweet corn is the perfect complement to any grill top meal, but outdoor cooks have varying views on how kernels should be cooked on the open flame. If your corn is out of control on the BBQ, grab it by the ear and get it into this corn griller basket. The basket is stainless steel and nonstick, so you don't have to spend as much time minding the corn as you do your guests. Corn Griller Basket will hold four ears of corn and can be found for $14.95 at Crate and Barrel. Or check out the Non-Stick Corn Basket from Kingsford, which can be found on Amazon for under $13.

Baked Potato Griller
If corn is the perfect veggie side to a barbecued main dish, then the baked potato is its starchy sidekick. Unfortunately, a truly perfect baked potato (crispy on the outside and soft on the inside) can take up to an hour to perfect. The Baked Potato Grill Cooker promises to cut that time in half so that you can enjoy your whole meal at once without having to wait for the potatoes to be done. The metal rack cooks the potato from the inside while the grill cooks it from the outside to speed up the process. sells this cooker for just $7.95.

Nonstick Meatball Grilling Basket
You may not want to put all of your eggs in one basket, but this device will keep you from losing your meatball. Cook 20 meatballs at once in this non-stick gadget. The grease will drain away and the heat will circulate around through the mesh spheres. Non-stick Meatball Grilling Basket is $22.65 at

BBQ Wing Rack

BBQ Wing Rack
Whether you like 'em spicy, sweet, smoky or tangy, barbecued wings make a great appetizer for outdoor parties (as long as there are plenty of napkins on hand). The Man*Law BBQ Wing Rack cooks up to 12 pieces of chicken at once and can be found on for $17.99.

Nonstick Pizza Grill Pan with Removable Handle
Those who like to get creative with their grilling recipes will love this pizza grill pan. This device has a removable handle that allows use on the grill or in the oven. The pan is nonstick, perforated and the perfect size for a 12 inch diameter pizza pie. Get fancy and make your own pizza from scratch, or use this grill pan to cook a frozen pizza. It can even be used for grilling your favorite veggies. This pizza grill pan is $20 at

Chef's Basics Select BBQ Hot Dog Grill Top Roller
Canine guests are usually the only ones who appreciate hot dogs that are covered in dirt or burnt charcoal. The BBQ Hot Dog Grill Top Roller will keep your hot dogs from rolling into or off of your grill, so the only things going on your dogs will be ketchup and mustard. Roll your hotdogs easily for even cooking on this stainless steel gadget that holds up to five franks at once. Hot Dog Grill Top Roller is under $12 at Walmart.

Smore Maker

S-More to Love Smore Maker
Once you've enjoyed your cookout and cleaned up your grill, it's time for s'mores. This set can be used in the oven or on the grill. Prepare six s'mores at a time in around five minutes. The graham crackers will get toasted as well for an added element of flavor and texture. This s'more maker is $21.95 at


BBQ Organizer

BBQ Accessory Organizer
No one likes a messy work station when they're trying to get their grill on. This handy organizer holds everything you need to create your meat masterpiece, all in one tidy space. Prongs hold your spatulas, ladles and grill scrubber; a convenient shelf houses all of your spices, rubs and sauces; and a mounted paper towel holder makes cleaning up messes a breeze. The screw clamps can be attached a nearby picnic table or right on the edge of your grill's ledge. The BBQ Accessory Organizer by Maverick can be found at Home Depot and Amazon for under $30.

Charcoal Companion Silicone Mitt
Barbecuing is fun, but getting burned is not. Protect yourself with silicone mitts that can withstand temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Purchase a Charcoal Companion Silicone Mitt through They also make great housewarming or hostest gift for the any summer barbecue you are invited to!


We've all used cooking and recipe apps to aid us in the kitchen, but the iGrill takes it to a whole new level. In a nutshell, the iGrill meat thermometer is enabled through a wireless Blutooth connection. The thermometer talks to your smartphone (Apple or Android capable) and lets you know when your meat is good and ready! This way, you can mingle with guests without being tied to the grill for the whole party. A little pricey, but worth it at $80.

Digital Thermometer BBQ Tongs
Whether you like it rare or well done, it's important to cook meat to your tastes, but it's even more important to ensure it's up to food safety standards. With the TempTong BBQ tongs, you can get the temperature readings of your meat as you flip them over. Find them on for $22

Cedar Grilling Planks
Any barbecue aficionado knows that grilling fish can be tricky. When done right, fresh fish can be one of the most delicious meals to make on the barbecue. If you're a fan of salmon, you'll love grilling it to perfect deliciousness on cedar planks. The planks infuse the salmon with flavor and protect the fish from being overcooked. This set of four cedar planks from Camerons is just over $14 at Target.

Meat Shredder

Meat Shredders
If you're planning on going big this summer, make a tough job a lot easier with meat shredders. These "claws" are heavy duty and can double as meat lifters. They're especially handy when grilling larger cuts of meat, such as roasts or whole chickens. Also ergonomic and dishwasher safe, this set of two Meat Shredders is $14.95 at Williams-Sonoma.

Grill Daddy Pro BBQ Brush Cleaner
Grilling is fun, but cleanup can be a pain. The Grill Daddy Pro BBQ Brush Cleaner makes cleanup a snap. Fill it with water and turn it on to release water onto the hot grill. The steam combined with the brush bristles will allow you to easily clean up your grill. Home Depot carries this handy grill cleaner brush for under $20.

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