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Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches In OC

Blackmarket Bakery header
(credit: Blackmarket Bakery)

The grilled cheese is a classic sandwich that probably everyone (who likes cheese) grew up eating. Maybe you're used to the standard version or maybe, as you've grown up, you've realized that you can dress your grilled cheese up with things that make it even better. From the standard to the deluxe to the mobile, here are some of the best places in Orange County to get a grilled cheese sandwich.

(credit: Gary Schwind)

The Flip Truck
(949) 275-7999

If you're looking for something that is not your standard grilled cheese, find The Flip Truck and order the caprese. You'll get two small sandwiches filled with mozzarella and tomato and topped with balsamic and pesto. The sandwiches are grilled to perfection and the best part is that they are surprisingly light. The sandwiches are served with pesto fries, which are the perfect complement to this delicious sandwich.

(credit: Gary Schwind)

Harry's Deli
17881 Sky Park Circle, Suite A
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 261-2116

Harry's Deli would be an easy place to miss since it's tucked away in an industrial park, but you'll find a good grilled cheese here. You can choose American, cheddar, Swiss or provolone and your choice of toppings. The sandwich is perfectly grilled, leaving the cheese nice and gooey. Try it on a hamburger bun and pair it with "the world's second-best onion rings."

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(credit: Gary Schwind)

Blackmarket Bakery
2937 Bristol St., Suite D-100A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 662-3095

A restaurant can do a lot of different things to set its grilled cheese sandwiches apart. At Blackmarket, the cheese sandwiches are prepared on your choice of breads made on site. The bread selection goes far beyond just white and wheat bread and includes two kinds of sourdough (seeded and lemon rosemary) that you won't find just anywhere. If you're in the mood for a spicy cheese sandwich, try the nacho libre with jalapenos, red pepper and bacon. It's as delicious as it sounds.

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(credit: Gary Schwind)

The Grilled Cheese Spot
318 5th St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 542-2235

If you're in the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich, you won't find a better place than one that specializes in grilled cheese. While The Grilled Cheese Spot has some standard sandwiches, it also gives you the option to create your own grilled cheese. With cheeses like manchego (delicious with jalapenos and tomatoes on ciabatta bread), taleggio and havarti, you can create a sandwich unlike any your mom made when you were growing up. You can also add up to two vegetables and optional proteins to your sandwich to make it everything you've ever wanted in a grilled cheese.

(credit: Gary Schwind)

The Counter
Multiple Locations

The Counter is a place known for its burgers, but it has a really good grilled cheese as well. There is really nothing fancy about it. It's not loaded with bacon or tomatoes, or anything else. It's just three kinds of cheese between two slices of bread, but when you bite into that gooey goodness and taste the three kinds of cheese, you'll know it doesn't need anything else. That being said, you might want to pair your grilled cheese with one of the nine very good beers on tap here.

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