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Best Frozen Yogurt In Los Angeles

pinkberry 610
(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Pinkberry)

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Pinkberry)
Frozen yogurt has practically become a phenomenon in the past several years in Los Angeles. While it's been around for a while, it seems like there was a reinvention of new stores and the craze with new stores opening everywhere and anywhere. With frozen yogurt stores link Pinkberry and Yogurtland dominating the commercial spaces around town, offering toppings galore for customers, we've rated our favorite frozen yogurt spots in LA.

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Pinkberry)

7288 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 969-0092
Multiple Locations

Pinkberry has become the Starbucks of Frozen Yogurt, with stores on almost every block. Although the store is headquartered in Arizona, and there are currently 260 stores in 20 countries today, Pinkberry actually was founded in West Hollywood in 2005 in a tiny residential teahouse called Huntley Drive. Made famous for its original tart flavor, and wide selection of toppings, Pinkberry has since become the go to spot for all things frozen yogurt. While flavors are always changing at each location, some, like the original tart flavor are always on the menu. The great part about Pinkberry, aside from the huge amount of toppings they offer, is that they offer flavors that correspond with the times. You might find pumpkin yogurt during Thanksgiving, while summer may bring grapefruit, or coconut. Other flavors known to be offered here are cherry, green tea, key lime, lychee, peach, passionfruit, hazelnut chocolate and many others. And, for toppings, customers can choose from endless possibilities. From mochi to fresh fruit, fruity pebbles and more, they offer a wide variety.

yogurtland frozen yogurt
(credit: Yogurtland)

310 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Hancock Park
(323) 936-5428
Multiple Locations

Out of all the yogurt chains, Yogurt Land is by fav the most popular. Started in 2006, Yogurt Land took Pinkberry's model and turned it on its side by letting people crank the yogurt levers themselves, add as many flavors in one cup as possible, and also add as many mix and match toppings as they wanted. While most were used to having to ask the person behind the counter for an extra piece of chocolate chip topping, customers could now do it themselves. At the end, the price is determined by the weight of what's in your cup. People loved the new concept, too. Today, Yogurt Land is everywhere in LA, and offers a wide variety of always changing flavors like cookies and cream, tart, cherry tart, passion fruit, cake batter, chocolate, and many others. Like other frozen yogurt shops, a huge offering of toppings is for the picking too.

Yogurt Stop - chocolate & Vanilla Swirl
(Credit: Yogurt Stop)

Yogurt Stop
8803 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 652-6830

With so many frozen yogurt shops popping up all over the place, it can be tough to choose just a few, but West Hollywood's Yogurt Stop certainly tops our list. With flavors that are always offered, like "Coming Out Cake Batter," "Charge Your Engine Chocolate," and "Full 'Er Up French Vanilla," they also offer rotating flavors with funny names like "Street Cred Banana Bread," "Mint Cookie Madness," "Matcha Tea," "I'm Coconuts For You," and "LA Spin It A NY Cheesecake Minute." Out of most frozen yogurt shops, Yogurt Stop not only offers some of the best and most delicious yogurt, but with their wide variety of flavors to choose from, do-it-yourself pumping station, and huge offering of toppings to slather on top of your yogurt, it's certainly one of the best in LA.

The Bigg Chill
(credit: Cristina L./Yelp)

The Bigg Chill
10850 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 475-1070

Located right on Westwood Blvd. and Olympic Blvd., The Big Chill has had a cult offering way before the Pinkberry's and Yogurt Land shops opened. Offering a vegan, dairy free, and essentially sugarless frozen yogurt (carbo-lite) as well as regular, customers love this place for its friendly staff, big selection of flavors that you can choose from on its board, and cool retro look. The interior, along with the sign outside would remind anyone of the famous Peach Pit location on "Saved By The bell." While you won't find AC Slater and the gang hanging out here, you will find a line out the door constantly. With a loyal following, tasty flavors and a great selection, it's obvious why this place has been a renowned staple of Los Angeles for 20 years. Flavors such as macaroon and blueberry are on the menu, but a local favorite seems to be their creamy vanilla. If you're feeling glamorous, Hollywood stars have been spotted here, so you may encounter some paparazzi. This is the place to fulfill your frozen fantasy!

frozen yogurt
(credit: veryulissa/shutterstock)

13369 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 788-9900

Founded in the Valley, this chain offers 100% self service, at its several-location frozen yogurt shops. Simply pick the cup of your choice, go to the machines, fill your cup with however many flavors you want, and then choose from over 40 toppings. You can even choose to add a waffle cone to the mix. While it's one of the smaller chain frozen yogurt shops, with around 11 locations, it's become an instant hit.

(credit: Balasioiu Sorin Ionut/shutterstock)

Humphrey Yogart
Inside Gelson's Sherman Oaks
4520 Van Nuys Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(818) 906-2490

While you'll find many frozen yogurt stops franchise themselves and on a quest for expansion, Humphrey Yogurt has remained relatively small with just a few shops. But, it certainly has a big following. Like an old fashioned ice cream shop, Humphrey's is the type of spot you'll want to take your kids after a sports game to grab a treat of frozen yogurt. They don't offer a huge selection of flavors, or toppings, but its made up by the fact that their yogurt is certainly some of the best in town.

Yogurt Shoppe - Verified
(credit: The Yogurt Shoppe)

The Yogurt Shoppe
873 Swarthmore Ave
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
(310) 459-0088

You may need to venture to the Pacific Palisades if you live far, but The Yogurt Shoppe is certainly worth a visit. A little shop with a large community following, this spot has one mission: to allow its customers to have a perfect yogurt experience. This is fulfilled by being offering inexpensive and delicious yogurt options. It's impossible to not try a fruity sorbet, and it's just plain difficult to avoid the hot sauce toppings. This shop offers toppings like chocolatey specialties, candies, as well as chopped up farmer's market fruits.

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