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Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Products And Services In Los Angeles


The perfect shade of red lipstick or that nail polish with an irresistibly witty name makes it easy for us to gloss over the ugly truth -- lurking underneath the pretty façade of many beauty products are carcinogens, pesticides and hormone disruptors. If these chemicals are harmful to the environment, just imagine the havoc they wreak on your face and body. With the growing awareness surrounding the dirty dozen (pdf), savvy providers of all things beauty now exist to be sure your pursuit of beauty is a clean one.


rA Organic Spa

119 N San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 848-4772

This Zen oasis amidst suburban sprawl offers transcendent treatments utilizing premium, organic ingredients. One step in the door will melt away worries with the refreshing scent of essential oils, the sound of tranquil water and the candlelit atmosphere. Clients can enjoy a massage, signature facial, body care and waxing here. For a cherry-topping experience, try a rA treatment bath, such as the Manuka Honey Drizzle for deliciously immaculate skin.



8425 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles 90069
(323) 330-9355

Monique Reavis, founding editor of Goddess Huntress, a resource that delivers high-end healthy beauty news, recommends this gallery-like boutique for luxuriously non-toxic beauty products. "I firmly believe that the experience of purchasing responsible beauty products should be a cultivated experience, definitely not in a natural food store," Monique says. "TENOVERSIX is an exciting spot that carries a well-rounded, small, curated selection of responsible beauty brands such as Tata Harper Skincare, RGB nail polish, and Ilia, alongside niche fashion brands like Jenni Kayne and Phillip Lim. Merging cult fashion with responsible beauty is a thrilling breath of fresh air."

primrose organics salon

Primrose Organics Salon

4616 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 664-5446

A long-standing Los Feliz institution, Primrose Organics Salon is a full-service eco-friendly hair salon that is a breath of harsh chemical-free air. Experience the delight of getting hair colored with products such as Organic Color Systems' clean-smelling formula that doesn't burn the eyes. The salon's commitment to green practices can be seen beyond the products they use. Everything from the materials used to build out the space to energy-efficient equipment is a demonstration of their all-encompassing commitment to green practices.


Winks by Georgie Beauty

Available at Nordstrom
220 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 752-2701

False lashes are one of the most glamorous ways to accessorize the windows of the soul. Most women turn a blind eye to the carcinogenic ingredients found in most eyelash adhesives, including formaldehyde. Enter botanically-infused Winks adhesive to the rescue! Not only is it free of formaldehyde and other potentially harmful toxins, it is dermatologist tested and PETA/vegan-certified. You won't find another eyelash adhesive on the market like it. The Winks collection of false lashes is packaged with adhesive in a refillable compact, available locally at select Nordstrom locations.

the room organic spa

The Room Organic Spa

4423 Lankershim Blvd
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
(818) 505-3633

This boutique nail spa uses non-toxic nail polishes including Spa Ritual, a 100% vegan product made with wild-crafted or organic plant essences. As such, you'll never see a technician wearing a protective mask. Don't let the unassuming façade and neighboring cigar shop dissuade you. Inside, you'll be greeted by a professional staff in a relaxing space, ready to provide you with an all-natural approach to nail care.


Prima Essentials

P.O. Box 1063
South Pasadena, CA 91031

There is a stark difference between handcrafted soaps and their commercial counterparts. Mia of Prima Essentials seeks to deliver the luxury of the former to your epidermis. Skin-loving ingredients like premium vegan oils, shea butter and blueberry seeds are used in her products, a far cry from harsh detergents and chemicals. This line is ideal for sensitive/problem skin and, yes, even delicate baby skin. Discover the full line of luxury soaps, rich body butters and facial care at select festivals and markets throughout the L.A. area. Check out the Ku'uipo lathering sponge, an antimicrobial sponge chock full of fragrantly nourishing ingredients to clean, exfoliate and invigorate.

Joy Bitonio has the phrase "Joie de Vivre" tattooed on her shoulder, a reminder to enjoy life every single day. She has a voracious appetite for fun, adventure, food, good cocktails and works out like a madwoman to keep it all together. Her fitness articles can be found on Follow her on Twitter.

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