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Best Dog Walking Services In Los Angeles

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Sometimes you just can't be there when your pooch needs some attention in the form of exercise and a chance to do his or her, uh, business. Well, never fear. Services are here in the City of Angels that will not only help busy owners do their duties when they just can't, but these dog walking firms will do their very best to make sure you come home to a cheerful hound -- so happy that you may be wagging your own tail in an immense amount of appreciation.

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Lucky Dog Walking Services

(323) 252-8792

What more could a hound want than to have a friend take him or her around town on a leash for half an hour or full hour of outdoor bliss? Both options are on offer and are the aim of Lucky Dog Walking Services, a great firm that lends one of its human staffers to happily do the job so that you are off the hook without worrying about your precious pet for even one single minute. By the way, this particular company also offers pet boarding so think of that attractive alternative when you're vacation planning and can't take your best friend along for that particular ride. Talk about a big bonus.

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Walka Walka Dog Walkers

(206) 459-3077

Downtown Los Angeles is our city-within-a-city that actually looks and acts like a large metropolis. Many working pet owners living in this part of town depend on premium dog walkers who can be counted on and then some. Walka Walka Dog Walkers has this concrete territory covered. Scheduled walks can be made for either 45 minutes or an entire hour, and other dogs on the walk may very well live in the same building as you do. During this pet-friendly experience, some etiquette ideas are often instilled in your animal, including how to politely ride an elevator and how to respond to certain standard commands. So, while your pup gets to stretch his or her legs, he or she also gets to return home having learned something new each and every time there's a walk on the calendar.

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Happy Picnic Dog Walkers

(310) 415-7783

Reliable dog walkers aren't always prevalent in all parts of Los Angeles, so make sure to take note of Happy Picnic -- a firm that really cares about its charges -- if you live and love a dog in Los Feliz, Hollywood, the Franklin Hills or West Hollywood. This is a very thorough operation. After an initial (and free) consultation in which you and your dog will meet with a Happy Picnic representative, your pup will be all set to take off for some fun in the sun with a person who will likely love your dog almost as much as you do. As for your dog? That sweet pet will probably feel the same.

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270 W. Claremont St.
Pasadena, CA 91104.
(626) 376-0608

Pasadena pet owners appreciate Wigglewag, a local dog walkery run by compassionate Cynthia and Nestor Escobar. Not only do these two caring folks like to make sure your dog gets out and about, but the pair also likes to make sure your pet picks up some serious socialization skills along the way. Training is just part of the package when you elect to use Wigglewag as your dog walking companion. Want proof? At least one satisfied client on the company site applauds the work of this Pasadena-based dog walking company that accomplished what others in the field could not. Now that's quite the endorsement for this particular dog-oriented program, don't you think?

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California Dog Walkers

(424) 248-9255

For dog owners seeking a challenge while getting some exercise for their pets, California Dog Walkers fits the bill. Not only is this company highly regarded in these parts, but the staff is highly attuned to rigorous visits in the many canyons located in and around Los Angeles. This means that man and beast get the cardio workout so many humans and pets neglect to accomplish. Another great extra if you hook up with this company: if you own two dogs ready to exercise, both can get in on the action all for the price of just one pet. That means both canines get to go out together on the same journey along with a California Dog Walkers staffer who will definitely enjoy the extra company while soaking up the scenery only found in our corner of lush and lively Southern California.

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