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Best Craft Coffee Spots In Orange County

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Craft beverages are cropping up everywhere from beers to whiskeys. Coffee has also become a part of the craft movement. Sure, you can get a cup of coffee anywhere, including your nearest fast-food place, but, with craft coffee, the experience is more about flavor than convenience. If you enjoy the flavor of coffee, try these spots where you're sure to get a great cup.

Pistola Coffee- Costa Mesa - VERIFIED
(credit: Portola Coffee)

Portola Coffee Lab
3313 Hyland Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(949) 284-0596

When you visit Portola Coffee Lab for the first time, you realize that you've never been in a coffee shop quite like this one - and not just because the baristas wear lab coats. You'll see some machines that you might never guess are used for brewing coffee. The baristas will take the time to explain whichever brewing method you choose. When you drink Portola coffee, you'll realize as it says on the website that "brewing is much more involved than simply pouring hot water over coffee grounds" and you'll taste the results.

Cappuccino coffee
(credit: happydancing/Shutterstock)

The Aussie Bean
112 E. Maple Ave.
Orange, CA 92866

Coffee is more ubiquitous in the United States, but if you travel, you'll notice that the flavor of coffee is more of the focus in other places - like Australia for instance. Gavin Wilkinson is an Australian who got tired of hunting for good coffee when he came to the States, so he and his wife Natalie started The Aussie Bean to bring Australian-style coffee here. This is definitely not mass-produced coffee, and you'll taste the difference. The Aussie Bean also has a mobile coffee bar available to hire for events.

kean coffee
(credit: Jamie H./Yelp)

Kean Coffee
2043 Westcliff Drive, Suite 100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 642-5326

Depending on how long you've been in Orange County, you might remember Diedrich Coffee. Kean was started by the man who brought you Diedrich Coffee. When you walk in, you'll notice the roaster. It is cool to see your coffee beans roasted on site, and it's also good because you can taste the freshness. The folks at Kean take care when making your coffee. Whether you want regular coffee or an espresso drink, you're sure to get a quality beverage here.

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Bear Coast Coffee - verified
(credit: Bear Coast Coffee)

Bear Coast Coffee
618 1/2 Avenida Victoria
San Clemente, CA 92672
(949) 482-0618

One thing you can say about Bear Coast is that it's hard to beat the location right across from the San Clemente Pier. That would be good enough, but you can also get a really great cup of coffee here. The founder Jeff Clinard has spent a lot of time working in the coffee business and it shows in the coffee that is made here. Bear Coast doesn't roast its own beans, but the staff does extensive research to find the best-tasting beans to make your coffee.

(credit: pondpond/shutterstock)

Hopper & Burr
300 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 265-7640

When you go to some cafes, it's easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the options on the menu. You won't feel overwhelmed by the menu here, which is written on a small chalkboard that sits on the counter. A lot of research and tasting goes into the selection of the beans here, and you can tell when you take the first sip. No matter what you choose, you can be sure you'll get a flavorful drink in this charming little cafe that shares the space with Blackbox.

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