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Best Bargain Shopping In Mexico City

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In Mexico City, there is great disparity between the rich and poor. The super wealthy flock to high-end boutiques in the Polanco neighborhood, whereas the city's poorer residents prefer secondhand shops and street markets. This disparity provides an array of shopping experiences in Mexico City. Typically, tourists want to find mid-range places to shop where they can find nice items, gifts and souvenirs at a budget-friendly price. It can be hard to sort these mid-range shopping opportunities from the rest, so here are a few great places to start.

180º SHOP
Colima 180
Cuauhtémoc, 06700
Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico
+52 55 5525 5626

180º SHOP is the perfect boutique to kickoff a day of bargain shopping in Mexico City. It sells a mix of vintage and new goods at affordable prices in a funky, hipster atmosphere. 180º focuses on bike gear and 1980s-themed home decor. This is the perfect spot to find a quirky knick knack or get in the shopping mood because 180º is so unique - its cashier counter is made of old VHS tapes - that itself is worth a visit!

La Lagunilla
Corner Rayón and Allende
Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico

A great way to bargain shop in Mexico City is to check out its many street markets. One great market is La Lagunilla at which vendors of furniture, clothing and housewares set up shop daily. In addition to the open-air stands, there are also many permanent brick and mortar shops in the area, which is perfect for shoppers that prefer a more curated selection of goods. This is the perfect shop to find a one-of-a-kind souvenir, of grab a piece of Mexican decor to take home. La Lagunilla has been an active market for hundreds of years and was even a place for trade back in the days of the Aztec Empire - so why not call a shopping day here "historical research?"

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Bazaar Sabado
San Jacinto 11
San Angel, Álvaro Obregón, 01000
Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico
+52 55 5616 0082

Another fun market-style place to shop for great bargains is Bazaar Sabado. This market is actually housed inside an old colonial-style mansion with other vendors set up in an outdoor courtyard abutting the house. The Bazaar is only open on Saturdays, so make sure to plan your schedule ahead of time in order to see this awesome place. Visitors can also grab lunch and see live music at the outdoor courtyard. As far as the goods, there is a variety of jewelry, woodwork, ceramics and other handcrafted items, often displayed by the artists themselves. Here, shoppers can find gorgeous, high-quality goods and have fun haggling for a great price.

Park Plaza - Av. Javier Barros Sierra 540
Santa Fe, 01210
Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico
+52 55 5292 3869

This fun, feminine boutique opened in early 2012 and has quickly become a Mexico City favorite of locals and tourists alike. It is especially intriguing for out-of-towners because most of the items sold are made in Latin America. People from the United States love the bright bold hues and sexy silhouettes sold in the shop. Twenty-somethings will love the cute, flirty dresses and trendy vibe of the store. The dresses are typically mid-price range but Cañamiel often has really great sales, so it is easy to get a bargain.

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