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Best bagel shops in Los Angeles

It's hard to understand the culinary science of it, but everything seems to taste better on a bagel. Small, accommodating, versatile and filling, the invention of the bagel is thought to be right up there with sliced bread. The bagel can vary in size and has definitely been modified and doctored over the years. Fruits, vegetables, spices definitely add to its range and appeal, but no matter what you put in it or on it, you simply can't go wrong. However, not all bagels are created equal, and while a bad bagel is hard to find, they are out there. Here's a list for bagel shops in Los Angeles to help you avoid the bad bagel.

The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.

262 S Beverly Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 786-7400

It may be located in Beverly Hills, but the prices here are anything but ritzy or pricey. In fact, the prices are extremely reasonable and they offer a huge selection of bagel types ranging from whole wheat sunflower, cinnamon, plain, raisin and sesame to pretty much any other type you can imagine. The difference at this bagel shop is their proprietary water treatment system, known as "Brooklyn Water Works," which enables the bagel shop to successfully replicate the natural composition of the water found in the Catskill Mountains. By using this advanced technology, they transform any source of tap water in the world into clean, safe drinking water, which is used in the restaurant products that our loyal Guests consume. Guests frequently acknowledge that the bagels taste as close to a New York bagel as possible right here in Los Angeles. Order the bagels by itself with their options of cream cheese or get a bagel sandwich, scrambled eggs on a platter with a bagel, and much more.

Wexler's Deli

Grand Central Market
317 S. Broadway
Los Angeles CA 90013
(213) 620-0633

Wexler's Deli counter is a must-visit for classic Jewish deli delicacies in the bustling Grand Central Market in DTLA and at their location in Santa Monica. Known for preparing their own smoked fish in-house, Wexler's chef and co-owner Micah Wexler employs old school methods to smoke and brine. Along with great bagels, the fish here is cured in Wexler's secret salt and spice combination, smoked over apple wood and sliced by hand. Pastrami and pickles are also cured in the Wexler kitchen, too. Get a variety of bagel sandwiches here filled with corned beef and other delicious meats.

The Bagel Broker

7825 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-1258

Bagel Broker is located right in the heart of the Los Angeles' Fairfax District and is the neighborhood stop for anything on a bagel. Family-owned and operated, Bagel Broker is known for their breakfast bagels. Add a smear of PB&J, cream cheese (whipped, regular and or flavored) on a blueberry or cinnamon raisin bagel to help get you through the morning commute. Throw an egg, ham or bacon with a slice of cheese on an everything bagel and you've got a handheld breakfast sandwich of champs. With all the choices you simply can't go wrong.

Bagel Factory

8986 Cadillac Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 837-6046

Bagel Factory, with several locations in LA, is a fan favorite for those that love a good bagel. With locations in Torrance, and on Sepulveda Blvd. and Cadillac Ave. in Los Angeles, Bagel Factory is a kosher certified bakery that offers up some of the tastiest bagels in LA. Opened in 1987, this bagel shop offers an assortment of flavors, including rye, plain, egg, garlic, onion, poppy seed, pretzel, raisin, whole wheat, chocolate chip, everything, cranberry and much more. Add to the bagel any variety of cream cheese and flavor spreads and you're in business.

Marie's Coffee Deli

733 W. 7th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(213) 622-5283

Marie's Deli & Cafe in Downtown Los Angeles may not have a wide selection of bagels, but the veggie bagel sandwiches earn a spot on anyone's best bagel list. Cream cheese based and packed with assorted veggies and seasonings, these bagel sandwiches are perfect for any time of day. The #1 (cream cheese, tomatoes and lemon pepper) is deliciously light with a wonderful burst of flavor. The #4 (cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, sprouts & lemon pepper) is hands down the customer favorite and a definite must try.

Manhattan Bread & Bagel

1812 N Sepulveda Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 545-7553

Manhattan Bread & Bagel has been baking and boiling bagels in Manhattan Beach since the early 90's and has been a staple in the community ever since. Providing the freshest, and highest quality bagels, they offer a myriad of options for those who love a warm bagel. In addition to bagels of all types, you can also get a variety of pastries, and bagel sandwiches here, too.

Bagelworks Cafe

12222 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 103
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 979-8680

One would think that if it has the word 'bagel' in its name then it must make a pretty good bagel, right? Right! Well, that's the case with Bagelworks Cafe. Although the bagel flavor lineup is pretty standard, you can't go wrong with the quality. Bagelworks makes bagels throughout the day so even if you come in at closing you won't get a bagel that's been out all day. And anything on the menu can be put on a bagel. From roast beef to hummus to pizza, if it can fit they'll do it. Bagelworks is also one of the more reasonably-priced bagels in LA. The only downside is they close at 3 p.m.

Western Bagel

513 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 567-0413

Western Bagel, based in Van Nuys, is one of the Southland's preeminent bagel shops. Offering original bagels, including plain, salt, onion, pumpernickel, sesame, pumpkin, honey wheat, chocolate ship, everything, strawberry, and many more, to alternative types like cinnamon spice, and roasted onion, as well as specialty bagels, bagel sandwiches, and more, it has anything you'd want. They also offer a wide variety of cream cheese options, too, including plain, reduced fat, nova lox, lox spread, vegetable, garlic herb, jalapeno and much more. View their full menu.

Kristine G. Bottone is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Her work can be found at


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