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Best Activities And Things To Do In Long Beach

When you first think of Long Beach, you may not think that it's full of fun and entertaining activities, but this coastal city just south of Rancho Palos Verdes, and Carson is full of excitement. From the Queen Mary to the waterfront Aquarium of the Pacific, there's plenty to do and see here.
queen mary - verified
(Credit: Queen Mary )

Visit The Queen Mary
1126 Queens Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90802

First launched in 1934, The Queen Mary has a long and storied history which is tied to Los Angeles. The retired SMS Queen Mary ocean liner sailed primarily on the North Atlantic Ocean for over 30 years and was retired from service in 1967. Sailing from Southampton, the boat docked in Long Beach and has remained ever since. This beautiful ocean liner is a relic of the past and offers not only tours throughout the years, but events and more take place, too. From firework shows to popular parties, it is one of Long Beach's most coveted treasures. The ship serves as a tourist attraction today with restaurants, museums, and even a hotel on board. Experience this beautiful boat by either visiting and taking one of their popular tours, or visit their Calendar of Events and take part in popular activities aboard.

Aquarium of the Pacific
(credit: Aquarium of the Pacific)

Explore The Ocean
Aquarium of the Pacific
100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 590-3100

One of Long Beach's greatest treasures is their Aquarium of the Pacific, where guests can take a journey of discovery through a public aquarium that boasts 5 acres of activities. Why not explore under the sea? Right there on the edge of Pacific Ocean, in nearby Long Beach, this aquarium will put most any home fish tank to shame. Here you can see great sea mammals, as well as little bitty fish. There are also plenty of learning opportunities. In Los Angeles, we live right by an ocean, so why not learn about our beautiful planet and ecosystem? There are plenty of exhibits, and habitats to explore that will leave you breathless. See seals, learn about animal care and conservation, attend shows, view turtles and much more.

rainbow harbor shoreline village
(credit: Mark L./yelp)

Visit Rainbow Harbor and Shoreline Village
Rainbow Harbor and Shoreline Village
401-435 Shoreline Village Dr
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 435-2668

Filled with great family-friendly restaurants including Louisiana Charlies with southern seafood, Shenanigan's Irish Pub and Grill, Funnel House (amazing funnel cakes), Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, as well as tons of shopping and activities, Shoreline Village is a fun outing for families and adults. Shop unique stores and then take part in fun activities including Segway tours, marina sailing, cruises and much more.

long beach
(credit: hollywood_DP/shutterstock)

Take In The Beautiful Long Beach Waterfront
Waterfront, Long Beach, CA

There's a lot of beautiful nature to take in at Long Beach's Waterfront, including Shoreline Aquatic Park, activities at Shoreline Village and the Aquarium of the Pacific and much more. If you want to be outside, its a great place to take a walk or a run and be by the water.

whale watching
(credit: Ken C Moore/shutterstock)

Harbor Breeze Cruises: Whale Watching
100 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 432-4900

It's not every day you get to see the world's largest mammal. But, in Long Beach, you can jump aboard a Harbor Breeze Cruise and who whale watching. Enjoy the excitement of this tour in the Long Beach harbor and view the most majestic creatures which roam our oceans.

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