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Bernie Sanders Tells KCAL9's Dave Bryan He's Going To Win California, Fight To The Convention

IRVINE MEADOWS ( —  Thousands were feeling the Bern in Orange County Sunday.

Vermont Senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters and vowed to continue his push for the Democratic nomination.

Just prior to going on stage, Sanders spoke one-on-one with CBS2/KCAL9 Political Reporter Dave Bryan.

Despite the fact Clinton has a large lead in delegates, he told Bryan he was not only going to win California but that he was going to fight all the way to the convention in July.

Sanders lashed out at what he called "the corrupt campaign finance system" an "an absurd" delegates-selection  system.

Bryan began by asking Sanders about his criticism of the Democratic party. And his zero chance of winning. Doesn't he get the math?

"Here's the math," he said. "there are polls that came out recently where Hillary Clinton actually lost to Donald Trump. So part of the math, is which candidate stands the best chance to make sure that Donald Trump does not become president of the United States? -- and that's me."

If he does win the California primary, does he expect a divided convention?

"I think we have a realistic chance in the sense that if we do really well in California, and in the other five states, and the non-state primaries, it will be possible for us to get 50 percent of the pledged delegates," Sanders said.

Bryan asked Sanders about the fear that many Democrats have that his continued "fight" could be splintering the party. He became fired up and attacked the Democratic party establishment.

"I look at it very differently," Sanders said, "those, some Democrats, they are Senator Clinton's supporters. I look at it, as here in California, more than one million people have registered to vote. Which as I understand is historical, it's never happened. I look at tonight, where we'll have 7-10,000 people there. And the Democratic party has to understand, if they're going to be successful, they're going to have to open up and bring new people in. And they have to bring in, the people who do not necessarily go to fancy,  high-priced fundraisers."

Bryan asked, despite the rhetoric, if he felt some responsibility to help unite the party.

"As I have said many, many times, if I am the nominee or if I'm not the nominee," Sanders said, "I will do everything I can to see that Donald Trump is defeated. Donald Trump, in my opinion, would be a disaster for this country if he were elected president. And I will make sure that that does not happen."

In the continuation of his interview, Sanders told Bryan about his plans to win over SuperDelegates, and he also told Bryan what his thoughts were about Hillary Clinton.

He said, "Look, here is the story. I've known Hillary Clinton for 25 years. We served in the Senate together. The issue today, is whether the Democratic party is going to represent working families in a forceful way. If the Democratic party is prepared to do that, I will be elected president, Hillary Clinton will be elected president, one of us will be elected president. Donald Trump will not."


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