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Berkeley woman arrested for threatening Chino Valley School Board

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A Berkeley woman has been arrested for threatening the Chino Valley School Board. 

Chino police said that 52-year-old Rebecca Morgan was arrested on Aug.1 for sending threats to a public official. 

The department believes she is one of several people who have sent threats to the Chino Valley Unified School District through social media, emails and other messaging forums. 

Detectives first learned of these threats on July 21 after a male suspect called the school district's office threatening to attack the CVUSD Board President Sonja Shaw.

"I'm so grateful for our amazing police department. Their efforts and dedication to ensure our safety has given my family a tremendous amount of peace that was taken from us," Shaw said. 

The Chino Police Department launched an investigation into the specific threat and learned that the man lived in another state. As they worked with other law enforcement agencies to track the suspect down, they uncovered more threatening messages, emails and social media posts sent by other suspects — including Morgan — to other members of the school board.

"I still stand with my decisions and it only made it that more evident who is the danger to our children," Shaw added.

As Morgan awaits her day in court, Chino police are working to locate and arrest the men and women that sent the other threatening messages to the school board.

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