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Bellflower Woman Kicked Off Instagram In Heartbreaking Social Media Mix-Up

BELLFLOWER ( — A Bellflower woman has lost more than social media connections, now that her Instagram account has been deleted.

"It says you've been reported as being an impostor," Kristina Camprese said. "You've been assuming someone else's identity."

Camprese said she has not been the victim of identity theft. She believes someone either falsely reported her, or made a mistake.

Camprese has used Instagram for six years, and posted many photos of her brother, who died in 2012.

"There's pictures of my brother on there who's gone," said Camprese. "My brothers gone. He passed away at 36 years old and I can't get those memories back."

Camprese said she's found no way to reach anybody at Instagram or its parent company, Facebook, to reclaim her account.

"Billions of people have Facebook, billions have Instagram," she said."You have billions of dollars and you can't afford a customer service representative?"





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