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Behind The Times?! Why America's New Obsession With The Rear Is Everywhere

LOS ANGELES (  —  Meghan Trainor sings about bringing booty back in "All About That Bass," but to hear clothing retailers and plastic surgeons tell it, the butt isn't just back, it's front and center.

Everywhere you look, it seems some star is showing off their assets — Kim Kardashian most recently. But don't leave out Trainor, Beyonce or Iggy Azalea or Nicki Minaj or Jennifer Lopez.

Goodbye, waifish beauties; thick is in!

CBS2's Kristine Lazar went out recently to explore why the posterior is positively in and why big butts are becoming a booming business.

Clothing manufactures believe the Hollywood obsession is fueling sales for products like Booty Pop, undies designed to give a little extra padding back there.

Lazar spoke with shopper Sharen Moghaven, who wanted to give Booty Pop to a friend as a gag gift. They're sold at Kitson in West Hollywood.

"I'm the owner of a big butt," she laughs, "and I'm so glad it's in style now."

In style is an understatement.

Makers of Booty Pop say they're up about 50 percent in sales over the same time last year. So get ready. A new version of the undies with even more padding is being readied for market.

"A few years ago," says shopper Araseli Asencio, "it was about having breast enhancements and that was the big thing. Now it's your tush."

Rap stars have been praising the booty for decades, Lazar reported.

Businesses have only recently begun to cash in. Ditto, plastic surgeons.

Statistics say butt augmentations are also up about 50 percent. Many women are opting for butt lifts and enhancements.

"It involves liposuction," surgeon Catherine Begovic said, "usually the abdomen and the waist, and then transferring that fat to the butt area."

The butt lift can cost $10,000-$20,000, says Begovic.

Not every woman is on board for the more-curvy look.

"I think people should just be happy with who they are and stop trying to emulate what the media wants us to look like," shopper Marie Florino said.

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