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Beck Allegations Unlikely To Sway Police Commission Vote

LOS ANGELES ( — Recent investigations into alleged possible conflicts of interest involving Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck are unlikely to play a major factor in a decision to renew his contract with the city, a police official said Tuesday.

KNX 1070's Pete Demetriou reports Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners President Steve Soboroff said any allegations made against Beck have so far fallen short of what they would require to even consider denying the chief a second term.

Beck Allegations Unlikely To Sway Police Commission Vote

The Police Commission has been investigating allegations that Beck may have helped soften disciplinary measures against Sgt. George Hoopes, a police sergeant accused of being romantically linked to Brandi Pearson, who is Beck's daughter and also an LAPD officer, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Commissioners have also looked into the Department's $6,000 purchase and donation of a horse owned by Pearson for use by the LAPD's Mounted Unit, The Times reported this week.

According to records obtained by The Times, members of the Police Commission - which is tasked with overseeing the LAPD - were not notified that Pearson was related to Beck or an active-duty LAPD officer. A review of paperwork linked to that allegation is still ongoing.

Beck denied any role in the acquisition and called local reporters to task about the ongoing coverage of the allegations.

"I don't expect people watching this to take me on face value," said Beck. "But I do expect that the media, when the Inspector General finishes the investigations - and he will - that when he exonerates my daughter - and he will - that that is as covered with as much enthusiasm as the baseless allegations have been."

Soboroff said he has yet to hear any evidence that has risen to the level of requiring additional action, much less prevent Beck from serving as LAPD Chief for another five years.

"Right now, if I had to push the green light or the red light, I would push the green light," he said. "But the vote isn't 'til next week."

The Commission is "erring on the side of checking into virtually every single allegation" made against Beck prior to the vote, Soboroff added.

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