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Man Finds His Dog Dead In The Road After Break-In At Beaumont Home

BEAUMONT (CBSLA) -- A Beaumont man said he found his dog dead shortly after a break-in at his home in the Three Rings Ranch community Friday night.

Home security video shows three suspects rummaging through the home after entering through the backdoor around 7:45 p.m.

Homeowners say it appears they were looking for money, but they didn't find any, and left instead with a few bottles of alcohol.

After the ordeal, Allan Xu said he noticed the family dog, Zoey, was missing and wondered if she was a victim of the break-in.

Zoey the dog

"They were looking really hard for money, underneath couches, underneath beds, behind paintings. They didn't take anything really. The only thing they took I think was my dog," Xu said.

They later found Zoey dead a few blocks down the road. In the surveillance footage of the break-in, the family said they heard the dog whimpering for about 10 minutes.

Xu, whose house had been burglarized before, said neighbors are planning on creating a neighborhood watch group to help prevent other instances like these.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Beaumont Police at (951) 769-8500.

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