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Bear Tranquilized After Roaming Sun Valley Neighborhood

SUN VALLEY ( — A bear was tranquilized by California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials Wednesday morning after it spent nearly two hours roaming around a San Fernando Valley neighborhood.

The male California Black Bear, which was first tagged by officials on May 6 in Santa Clarita, was spotted around 6:10 a.m. near Stonehurst Avenue and Fenway Street in Sun Valley.

Sky 2 was overhead and captured images of the 150-pound animal wandering through backyards and in driveways.

"This time of year, these guys are moving around, looking for food, looking for water. He's probably just trying to find a place that's comfortable, safe and where he can get a food source," Warden JC Healy said.

Wildlife officials shot the bear with a tranquiler around 7:40 a.m. in the Shadow Hills Estates area.

"I put a dart probably in his shoulder area . . . it took about three to four minutes for him to go down which is pretty quick," Healy said.

Officials plan to take the bear to the Angeles National Forest.

"Hopefully he won't come back," officer Andrew Hughan said.

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