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Bear Picks Through Trash Cans At Simi Valley Home

SIMI VALLEY (CBSLA) — A young bear that has been roaming a Simi Valley neighborhood for several weeks seems to have found what he was looking for – a trash can.

simi bear upends trash
(credit: Giselle Ramirez)

The Big Sky community's bear was caught on video roaming Giselle Ramirez's backyard on Saturday night. But the video was just confirmation – the bear left evidence of his presence by upending two trash cans.

The bear left the contents of at least one of the trash cans -- which included an apparently empty can of tomatoes, a McDonald's French fry carton, and several other empty bags and boxes of food -- strewn on the sidewalk. The bear was captured on camera again the next night, roaming Ramirez's backyard.

Drought conditions likely forced the bear into Simi Valley for the pools and fruit tree. As far as recent reports go, the bear has mostly kept nocturnal hours, but has been spotted occasionally during daylight hours.

Authorities say residents should store their trash cans and pet food indoors to make their neighborhoods less attractive to wildlife.

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