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Caught On Camera: Baby Bear Can't Keep Its Paws Of Inflatable Reindeer

MONROVIA (CBSLA) — A bear in Monrovia was caught on camera ferociously attacking an inflatable reindeer as a larger one stood behind it watching. 

"I looked up and there it was jumping on the reindeer," said Donna Hargett as she chuckled. "I was laughing to myself out in the street."

Hargett recorded the vicious attack as the bear couldn't keep its pays off of the decoration.

"I think it was pissed (for) coming on its territory," said Hargett. "And then you could tell it was the momma behind the baby."

As the smaller bear begins to attack, a larger one, who Hargett assumed was its mother, could be seen emerging from behind a hedge to watch.

"We see these two around all the time," Hargett said. "They're trouble."

Hargett has seen several bears in her neighborhood situated right next to the San Gabriel Mountains. Hargett said that she once saw bears enter her home. 

"Through the window one time," said Hargett. "There were scratches on the wall and one got up on the bed. There were paw prints."

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