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Barbie's Got Brand New Bod

EL SEGUNDO ( — The blond bombshell with an unrealistic body just got real. Barbie's got a brand new bod.

Over the last 57 years, Barbie has gone through many reinventions. A time-lapse video from Time Magazine shows her evolution through the decades.

Now, Mattel Inc. has added three new body types -- tall, petite and curvy. The company released a promotion video that shows images of its Fashionista's line, which includes seven skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hair styles.

Conor Logan has a two-year-old daughter. He said he thinks a doll can change the way little girls view themselves. "Anything that would show my daughter that's more representative of the world is great," he said.

While many applaud the Mattel's latest move, others complain that the new looks are not good enough.

Dr. Patricia Pitts is an eating disorder specialist. She believes the dolls are still being branded in an unhealthy way. "They're still putting the focuses on being the curvy Barbie, the petite Barbie, the tall Barbie. They're still focused on the external," she said.

Anjoulle Bradley, who has an 11-year-old daughter, said she will still buy her daughter the original Barbie.

"I can't really imagine my daughter gravitating towards a certain doll as far as color and weight and curviness or whatever. It's a toy. If you keep your kids around a variety of people, that's where they're going to develop that -- not with their dolls.

Mattel will continue to sell the original Barbie, which has been the subject of criticism for representing only a small population of American women.

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