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Azusa Homeowners Turn To Government To Prevent Future Storm Disasters

AZUSA ( — Homeowners in Azusa are turning to the government to help prevent future storm disasters.

Resident Ed Heinlein is still feeling the effects of a storm system that hit the Southland a few weeks ago.

His home had a massive amount of mud in the backyard and patio before countless volunteers removed "2,500 tons" of it, Heinlein said.

About 450 trees on his avocado grove, however, are still sitting in at least 2 feet of mud.

"They need to be oxygenated and air flow through their system so they can survive. They're dying off," Vince Vasquez, an avocado grower, said.

Congresswoman Grace Napolitano is working to rally state and federal agencies to help people like Heinlein.

KCAL9's Jeff Nguyen reported that Napolitano wants to prevent future disasters after January's Colby Fire wiped out vegetation that holds the soil together during heavy rains.

"Especially the state who hasn't gotten involved so far, we're going to get them involved. And the Army Corps of Engineers to see what they can do to help protect and work with the city and the residents to be able to see what can be done," she said.

Napolitano hasn't made any promises, but Heinlein said he is grateful she's listening to him and his neighbors.

The residents have started a petition to ask the government for a concrete retaining wall above the avocado grove.

They also want a second line of defense.

"We want to put 10 or 12 K-rails up here. Glendora put up hundreds…that would stop the immediate thing. They can put it on my property," Heinlein said.

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