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Avoid Common Mistakes When Filing Your Taxes

STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Radio host Dave Ramsey says dealing with your taxes isn't so hard... if you know how to prepare.

Ramsey says once you realize what's going on, it's like so many other things wilth money. "It's a simple concept, you've just got to insert your self into the process."

The following are some of his tax tips:

- Withhold The Right Amount

"Make sure you've got the right amount of withholding going with your taxes. If it's complicated and your life is changing, you may want to sit down with your tax professional and actually map out in advance how much you should be withholding."

- Keep Good Records

"Just bother to care about your money situation and that way you don't end up paying the government too much. We pay them too much already."

- Tax Refunds Are Bad

"A tax refund is a problem because what that means is you loan the government money every month, too much, and then they give it back to you in April. They took too much out of your check and they give it back to you with no interest."

Those that win with money, he says, are those who pay attention.

Taxpayers have until Monday, April 18, to file their taxes this year due to Emancipation Day, which falls on April 15.

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