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Aviation Investigators Receive Training In Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES ( — Many aviation investigators take part in the analysis and prevention of plane crashes. A large number of them use knowledge and skills taught through training here in Los Angeles.

The USC Aviation Safety and Security program hosts professionals within the aviation industry around the world, such as pilots and plane designers, to take part in its accident and investigation course.

The course, established in 1950, has matured along with the technology and expansion of the aviation industry. The program takes part in the collection of data, finding the causes of crashes, and the reconstruction of wreckage.

Tom Anthony, a Federal Aviation Administration veteran who also took part in the investigation of the September 11 hijackers, runs the aviation program.

"A course like this is incredibly important," Anthony said. "It gives students the ability to identify problems that could ultimately save thousands of lives."

The main focus of the program is to maximize the safety of flying by learning what causes accidents and how to prevent them in the future. The knowledge gained from accidents leads to wide-spread change throughout aviation.

According to Sue Bates, who works for a Canadian airline, there is no limit to the amount of which these advances can help keep flying safe.

"I have a notebook full of ideas," Bates said. "We're a safe company, but there is always room for improvement."

Thousands of Americans find flying to be scary. However, Tom Anthony says that flying is now safer than ever, in large part due to the training of programs like this.

"Flying is safer than ever," Anthony claimed. "And I believe it is because of the selfless, dedicated work of people who have been involved in this business for decades."

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