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Average Price Of Gas Inches Its Way To All-Time High In LA County

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The average price of gas continues inching closer to all-time highs across the Southland.

Los Angeles County's price of regular-grade gasoline jumped by 1.9 cents for the sixth time over the past seven days, to $4.66 per gallon. That is only about 5 cents away from an all-time high.

Elsewhere, in Orange County, the price of regular-grade gasoline jumped by 2.2 cents to an average of $4.63 per gallon. That is just 6 cents away from a record there.

And in Riverside County, the price of regular-grade gasoline increased to $4.58 per gallon, marking a 1.8 cent increase.

Southern California drivers say the increases are overwhelming.

"Man, they're high. Really, really high. And I know it's California but these are some really high gas prices," said Cameron Torrey, a driver. "I can't do this anymore," said another driver.

Experts point to two main factors: unplanned maintenance at Southern California refineries and the ongoing high oil prices which account for about half of the pump price. They're also seeing demand tick up.

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