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Average gas prices climb to record-high $6.17 in Los Angeles County, fourth-consecutive day of increase

As gas prices continue to climb, AAA expert offers advice on how to make the most out the situation
As gas prices continue to climb, AAA expert offers advice on how to make the most out the situation 02:31

For the fourth-straight day, Los Angles County saw an increase in average gas prices, an unfortunate trend that experts don't predict will end anytime in the near future. 

Tuesday's average rose from just over $6.13 to $6.17 per gallon, another record-high for the County. Over the past six days, prices have jumped by 8.1 cents, also a $1.94 increase from this time in 2021. 

One station at Alameda Street and Cesar E. Chavez Avenue showed an astounding $8.05 per gallon of regular gasoline, as drivers continue to voice their frustrations due to the pain at the pump. 

While that station showcased the most shocking price per gallon throughout the Southland, it wasn't alone, as several other gas stations are charging at least $7.25 per gallon, still a large increase over the average price. 

Experts predicted that the cost for crude oil would experience yet another jump as well, after the European Union pledged an oil embargo on Russia. 

Still, pre-pandemic levels of travel returned over Memorial Day Weekend as millions of residents hit the road for the extended weekend. 

"We saw 2.6 million people here in Southern California take road trips for the Memorial Day holiday," said Doug Supe, Corporate Communications and Programs Manager for AAA. "That was a 5 percent increase over last year, even with this higher gas prices."

As summer quickly approaches, and more people plan to travel, Shupe recommends that people make an effort to improve gas efficiency by keeping tires inflated and letting off the gas a little. 

"Most vehicles will peak out at fuel economy at 55 miles per hour," he continued. "That fuel economy drops the faster the vehicle moves. If you decrease your freeway speeds by 5-10 miles per hour, you can actually increase your fuel economy by up to 14 percent."

AAA also offers a free phone application that shows the cheapest gasoline prices based on your location. 

Californians pay more for gas than other states based on a series of factors, including higher taxes and a "mystery gasoline surcharge," as detailed by University of California, Berkeley economist Severin Borenstein. 

Later Tuesday, Congressman Adam Schiff was expected to introduce new legislation to lower gas prices, by instituting a suspension of the federal gas tax. The tax break would reportedly be funded by an alternate tax on the profits of big oil companies. 

Records were set throughout Southern California, as Orange County reported $6.15 per gallon, followed by Ventura County at $6.14 per gallon and the Inland Empire at $6.06. 


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